This Week in Pre-K

Old O and Oceans

Week of March 14th, 2016

Hello families,

I hope you all had a nice week.

This week in Language Arts we learned about the letter O and the two sounds it makes. After reading O books like Olive Omelet and Olive the Octopus's Day of Juggling,and watching fun O videos, we listed 40 O words! Our theme for the week was the ocean. We made a sea creature book and practiced reading the repetitive words. Students painted an octopus in the ocean and wrote an O word on each tentacle. We brainstormed how to make the letter O with our body. Many creative answers were given! We practiced identifying the sounds in words and played a fun beginning sound race game. We also worked with sight words: here, is and the.

In Math we used pattern block shapes to make ocean animals and named the shapes used. To work on addition skills we played feed the shark! Students used seashells to solve addition problems. If they had the answer on their card they got to feed the shark! We played it as a subtraction game as well. We found out the size of three ocean animals, measured them and placed them in length order.

In Science we looked at a map to see oceans. We looked at a timeline of how the continents have spread out over time and of how fish and whales have changed over time. We experimented with water. We froze cups of water with seashells inside then played with the ice until it melted! We used our five senses to explore the difference between water and salt water. We watched a video of scuba divers and predicted what we might see. After the video we checked to see if our predictions were right.

This week we focused on feelings. We read The Way I Feel and labeled different emotions. We talked about different emotions and when we feel them. We also listened to music and drew how the music made us feel.

Most importantly we welcomed Mrs. Scallan back!

Have a great weekend!