Friday Review

Friday, February 2, 2018

Thoughts from Mrs. Lewis....

  • You're doing great things in the classroom. Send a pic and caption to Mrs. Harris so that we can feature on our webpages. Let's let everyone know how lucky our students are!

  • Teachers, be reminded that students may be a little later coming to class in the morning on Monday, Feb. 5 due to Doughnuts for Dads. Students are allowed to eat with their Dads.

  • From Cabinet: School Board Policy 3410 states that EOC, CTE, and NC Final Exams count 20% of the final grade for students. Kim Provens has made the adjustment in PowerSchool. (This is important to remember since this could impact whether a student passes/fails a class.)

  • Entering Grades in POWERSCHOOL IS REQUIRED to be updated on a weekly basis. This is not an option.

  • Common Assessment are around the corner. They are due to Ms. Johnson by Feb. 9. Be sure to design to be EOG formatted and reflect the Test Specs and former data results.

  • Kudos to Spring Hill. We were one of three schools to have the highest attendance rate for December, 98%!!!! Thank you for continuing to make attendance a priority!!!! Congratulations!

  • STAFF - When and if you confiscate a student's cell phone, please turn it in to MRS. LEWIS so it can be under lock and key. If Mrs. Lewis is out, please turn it in to AUDREY KINGSTON. Also, students should not be calling home during class or coming to the office to inform a parent that their cell phone has been taken. A student can inform their parent once they arrive home.

  • Please be extra vigilant with drinks/bottles on campus. Administration should be notified if you are seeing an increase of these being brought to school.

  • Monthly BT meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather; there was a survey that was sent to the BT individuals; BTs are to send this survey in by this Friday (Feb 2)

  • Praxis II Workshop Information

  • The awards program has been modified for the first semester. Please be on the lookout for information from Mrs. Spencer. This will require you send names to Mrs. Audrey ASAP so that certificates will be ready. We are excited to inform you that the program will be student led by Student Council. Please discuss with students behaviors and expectations during the assembly. All support staff needs to be seated with students to monitor behaviors.

  • It is vital that you have all tutoring materials and students organized for Spartan Time next week. This time should be utilized to maximize learning. NO STUDENT should be off-task during this time.

  • Spartan Time will only take place on Monday and Thursday of next week. Beginning the next week, Monday February 12th, we will operate all 4 tutoring days and revert back to our regular schedule on Fridays.

  • On Monday after school, all staff involved with Spartan Time for MONDAY ONLY will meet briefly in the media center. Come with Suggestions for improvement for Spartan Time. We will do the same for ALL Staff for Thursday Spartan Time on THURSDAY ONLY. Mark your calendars.

  • Leigh Carter and several of our AIG students will be touring elementary schools this week to entice students to join our Magnet Program.

  • Have you looked at your Educator's Handbook Dashboard? Our highest by teacher count is 18 referrals, followed by 13, and 11. How can we support you? If students are not in your class, they are not receiving instruction. Have you requested CFSTs, called parents and/or sought help from your administrator?

  • There will be a Homecoming Court Dance on Friday, February 9th. Stay tuned for the time. Students who owe chocolate money will not be eligible to attend.

  • Students who owe chocolate money will not be eligible to attend school events (non-academic). I list of names was placed in your box last week. Send these students to the Media Center on Monday, February 5 to discuss their debt with Mrs. Lewis.

  • LEARNING FOCUSED: Be sure that you have your word walls, anchor charts and student work updated.

  • Kudos to YOU...I have seen some really good stuff in classrooms this past week. There is A LOT of TECHNOLOGY going on (Nearpod and EDPUZZLE). Don't forget to pair this with some movement so that students get their blood flowing even while teching it!

  • Are you having students stop and process what you are teaching throughout your lesson? Don't forget to have students DISCUSS and WRITE!

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  • Continue to keep Nick (6th) and Zachary Johnson (8th) in your thoughts.
  • Carrie Macy is still out with knee surgery. Don't forget to let her know we miss her!
  • Thank you to Tonia Johnson and Amanda Chevalier for paying their sunshine dues.

General Reminders

  • Utilizing your Canvas course container is an effective way to continue instruction during school closing or delays. If they have questions or need guidance, please direct them to either Kevin Combs or Candice Freeman for assistance.
  • Make sure to notify administration or Mrs. Fehlman when you suspect child abuse or neglect. See the agreement between SCS and DSS here:

  • Major tax adjustments were passed by the federal government and therefore you will see changes in your check. IRS is telling software providers not to implement the changes until February, as new software programs are being written based on new tax law. The majority of the changes will come in your 2018 and 2019 taxes.. For any questions, contact Jay Toland,

  • From Cabinet- just a reminder that your teachers should be entering their own absences in AESOP. The school bookkeeper or no other staff should be putting in absences for anyone unless there is an emergency that arises.

  • Teachers, please look at your grades for the 2nd Nine Weeks. Do you have a lot of student failures? Are you giving students opportunities to retake tests, as written in the district policy? Large number of failures may indicate we need to reflect. This should be corrected for 2nd Nine Weeks.
  • Do you have paper on your door or covering your door window? If so, please remove due to fire code violations.
  • (From Cabinet) ATTENDANCE - Staff attendance has dropped each month. I appreciate the fact that you are making doctor's visits after school and making instructional time a priority. Let's look for an increase in January and February!
  • Sept 98%
    Oct 97%
    Nov 96%

    December 98%

  • IT is an expectation that planning takes place each week and that all teachers are present and all time. Even if you are 2 weeks ahead, planning should take place each week for the entire time.

  • Are you calling parents??? Make sure you are calling parents regarding attendance concerns (and document such). When we go to court, it helps when we can show ALL the contacts that have been made from the school (not just from PowerSchool letters and Social Worker contacts) (From Cabinet)]

February 2018

Saturday, February 3 - All-District Band Auditions (Mac Williams Middle School)

Monday, February 5- Homecoming Spirit Day- Dress in red, black, or white; Donuts for Dads (rescheduled from February 2); Homecoming Pep Rally; Basketball (H) vs. West Hoke; PBIS Committee Meeting at 4:00pm; ALL Staff involved with Monday Spartan Time Meet briefly at 3:45

Tuesday, February 6- Homecoming Squad Day; CPI Training (select staff); ELA/SS/Science PLCs

Wednesday, February 7 - Homecoming Dress to Impress Day; Student Support Services Meeting @ 9:30am; Elective House Meeting @ 12:30pm; Basketball (H) vs. East Hoke (Homecoming Game)

Thursday, February 8- Homecoming Grandparents/Senior Citizens Day; 8th Grade Field Trip to Fayetteville, NC; Math PLCs; ALL Staff involved with Thursday Spartan Time Meet briefly at 3:45; Rising 6th Grade AIG Parent Interest Meeting 6:00

Friday, February 9 - Awards Ceremony 9am (Morning Assembly Schedule); Clubs; EC Teachers Submit Class Size / Schedule Report; Common Assessments DUE to Estella; Homecoming Date 6:30 - 9:00pm

Tuesday, February 13 - ELA/SS/Science PLCs; AIG Magnet Showcase (Rescheduled from January 30) @6:30pm - Students are required to attend

Wednesday, February 14- Principal and AP Leadership; Elective House Meeting @ 12:30pm

Thursday, February 15- Math PLCs

Friday, February 16- Clubs

Tuesday, February 20- ELA/SS/Science PLCs; SIT Meeting 4:00

Wednesday, February 21- Electives Meeting at 12:30; Progress Reports go Home; MTSS Meetings during Planning

Thursday, February 22- 1/2 Day Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, February 23- Field Trips to Marksmen Hockey Game

Tuesday, February 27- Chocolate Fundraiser Pizza and Glow Party 12:00pm; ELA/SS/Science PLCs

Wednesday, February 28- Black History Month Program Assembly (morning assembly schedule)

Items for the Friday Review are due to Ms. Audrey Kingston every Thursday by noon.