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May 2016

Busy schedules and LRP update

May is a very busy month for so many of us. If you have kids in school, you're May is probably booked solid with events. Sometimes I look at my calendar and feel so overwhelmed I need to inhale a full bottle of Balance! Even with the busy schedule, I still want to make time to share our amazing oils. Here are some ways to do that:

1. Take advantage of local classes or team up with your builders. For those in the Kingwood area, we now have intro classes every Thursday at 6:30pm at Face It Med Spa in Town Center. Send your prospects and come with them if you can. Just let me or Roxy Saran know you are sending someone. We will have a sign in sheet to make sure you get the enrollment if someone wants to join at the class. Team up with your builders. Schedule classes together and then welcome team prospects. This is perfect as you'll have a variety of classes available and your team will have an opportunity to grow when you work together.

2. Check in with your current enrollments. Use the LRP changes as a reason to call. With all the security updates going on at doTERRA, everyone needs to re-enter their credit card CVV code (3 digit code on back of card) before they change their LRP order or have it shipped. Make this a time to see how they are doing, how they like the products and to go over the LRP process and the 200pv promotion. I'm finding some people aren't even aware of the potential for FREE products each month or they forget and miss out by just a few points. Always a good idea to follow up occasionally. Do this early in the month so those choosing to do the 200pv will get the free cedarwood also if shipped by the 15th.

3. Always have those samples with you! I like the sample packs doTERRA has provided for us. When handing one out, make sure you get their contact info. I like to ask for email address so I can send them my newsletter. You can do that and forward the newsletter that is for customers. You'll find that in our FB group or contact me and I will get you on that distribution list also.

4. When you are at all those events this month, USE your oils! People are curious and it is a great conversation starter. If someone is dealing with head tension, share your peppermint or lavender.

5. Set goals for yourself and your business. Share them with your upline/mentor. Write them down and put it where you'll see it everyday. Have simple short term goals and a few long term goals. You can do this!

6. Call me for encouragement. I'm so eager for each of you to succeed and would love to help in anyway I can.

Make this an aMAYzing month!

Caroline Vinal

Essential Choices, LLC

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Edge Success Builder Bootcamp

Saturday, May 14th, 10am-3pm

5503 Evergreen Valley Drive

Humble, TX

This training if for anyone wanting to grow your doTERRA business. Whether you are seasoned or new, come get excellent training. You'll learn a simple way to build and to teach others how to build their own business. Cost is $15 for materials; bring your own lunch. Please RSVP. Contact me for more information. Class taught by doTERRA Diamond, Roxy Saran.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Diamond Tip

Effective Follow-Up by Diamond Hayley Fleming


Follow up is a person to person thing and should not come across as robotic. I think it's important to respect each individual and gauge what they would prefer and follow up where possible.


I do believe that most people these days are super busy and have lots going on. You'll find most people appreciate a call, a reminder, or helpful links that are going to simplify their journey.


If you're not following up because of a fear mindset, then you're only affecting your own potential. Most people are happy for a quick oily chat and like to feel that they're on your radar.


Don't be afraid to let people know that you're learning too. It's important to speak about your journey and leave people feeling encouraged. Try to acknowledge that everyone will begin their journey differently.


New Rank Advancements:


Jennifer Maynard

Elite: (3000ov)

Tammy Hannah

Executive (2000ov)

Rachel Maynard

Melissa Olsen

Lea-Ann Wadleigh

5 Directors and 10 new Managers!!


Earning Rose:

Johnette VanEeden and Rosemary Noe ~ 7

Earning Jasmine:

Kaitlyn Good, Carinsa Morgan, Lisa Townley ~ 6

Laura Dallas, Melissa Ashford, Veronica Ackley, Lindsay Mulder, Amy Culp, Lindsey Gunsauls, Karina Swift and Sophia Gunsauls ~ 5

Maria Fernanda Cruz Perez, Tammy Hannah, Suzanne Funk, Angela Neufeld, Jeanie DelCasale ~ 4

essential choices, llc

Team essential choices is a group of doTERRA wellness advocates who desire to share their knowledge of essential oils and health and wellness products with others. We aim to empower families to take control of their health in a variety of ways, including doTERRA's product line. We strive to encourage one another and help others on their path to natural wellness making essential choices that are good for the body, mind and soul.
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