End of the Cold War Party!

Goodbye Soviet Bloc, Hello United Germany!

Have You Heard?

The Cold War is over! Since 1945 we've been enemies (off and on) with the Soviet Union, but now the Soviet Union is gone! Gorbachev's glastnost and perestroika reforms added democratic and capitalist elements to the Soviet government. But that inspired the breaking away of former Soviet satellite states and the end of the Soviet Union itself. It's the end of an era (literally), so let's celebrate!

End of the Cold War Party

Wednesday, Oct. 3rd 1990 at 9pm

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Berlin

We've been breaking down that wall piece by piece for the last year or so. Now it's time to be officially reunited as one Germany!

Party Party!

Celebrate the end of the Cold War 9:00pm - 12:00am

Celebrate United Germany 12:00am - forever