Charlotte's Web

By Zoe M. Sheley

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Chapter 1

In chapter 1 Fern's dad was going to kill a runt but Fern stopped him.Fern loved the pig. On the way to school she decided to name the pig Wilbur.

Chapter 2

Fern loved Wilbur she liked to pet him ,feed him,and put him to bed. Wilbur would follow her every where she went. One day Wilbur was ready to be sold when he was born he was a runt so he was sold for six bucks to the Zuckermans.

Chapter 3

Fern would com and visit him. Fern was not able to go inside the pigpen. One day Wilbur got out of the pigpen. Wilbur ran all around the yard but one of them got him and put him back in the pen.

Chapter 4

The next day was rainy and dark. Wilbur had plans today but he could not do them because of rain. Wilbur tried to talk to Templeton but he was not their. Wilbur had nothing to do so he cred most of the day.