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Hello ISES Families,

We want to take this time to thank everyone for your patience and understanding during the shutdown. Hybrid learning is still new to many of us and sometimes it feels like we are building the train while its running down the track! We want to ensure that your child's health, education, safety, and well-being are always our top priority. Our school was vacant for seven days and then had a through disinfecting and cleaning this week. The buses were taken into our bus garage for a through disinfecting and cleaning as well. Please read through the following newsletter for some important information and updates.

Reopening Plans

On August 31st we will begin our reopening plans. During this week only 25% of the study body will be in attendance each day. Please plan to send your child on the same day that was originally communicated with your child's teacher before the shut down. Starting the week of September 7th, students will begin coming to school with 50% in attendance. That means your child will be at school twice a week and remote learning three times each week. Please remember Monday, the 7th is a holiday.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child login? Students will login to their device using a QR code or user ID and password. After logging into their Chromebook, they can access ClassLink. ClassLink is like an app library that was made to house many of the programs students will use as virtual learners.

When will my child get on and off the bus? Students approximate bus times are found on our Iron Station Elementary website.

How is attendance taken? Students should log into their Google Classrooms daily to see new assignments or to continue work on assignments posted weekly. Students are counted present based upon assignment completion and or communication with the teacher through Classdojo, email or phone calls. Due to various family work commitments and remote learning we realize that some families may need more flexibility with logging in than others. If your student is not heard from on a regular basis, Mrs. Fisher, our school counselor or your child's teacher will be reaching out.

Will students receive grades? Yes, students will receive up to 3 grades a week, but not every assignment will receive a numerical grade. Some assignments may just receive personal feedback on their progress.

Who do we contact if we are having issues with technology? Teachers should be the first line of defense for any issues with Google Classroom or other sites. Please remember that families are financially responsible for Chromebook damages, so thank you for talking to your student about appropriate care for the devices. If you checked out a device from our Central Services we have a copy of your device agreement on file.

I didn't go to Central Services and my child in grades 3-5 needs a device? Upon our return to the building your child will be able to checkout a device as long as the technology agreement form has been completed.

Will students in grades K-2 get a Chromebook? Devices were not purchased for students in grades K-2 through our county commissioners. Iron Station understands the stress virtual learning without a device has on families. Mrs. Benton is working on a plan to try to get iPads to our younger students. Be on the lookout for more information about this.

What is this Google Classroom you speak of? Google Classroom is the platform for all of your student's assignments. Assignments will be posted daily or weekly depending on the lesson plans, but older students should get into the habit of checking their Google Classroom daily! Check out the video below for some great information! It is ten minutes but worth your time.

Why can't classes be live for virtual only students? We do not have enough students in all grade levels who have opted for virtual only learning. We also do not have the bandwidth capacity to do this. Many of our teachers have face to face learners along with virtual only. Your child's teacher will provide times for "synchronous" or live teaching as well as asynchronous or video lessons for days of remote learning. Please be mindful that remote learning will not be the same as a 7.5 hour day of face to face instruction at school. Give your child breaks for snack, outside time, or to just relax and get away from the computer once a while.

How to Use Google Classroom for Parents!

Powerschool Forms

The Parent Portal is now working properly and ready for you to complete necessary paperwork for your child(ren). A code is not required as previously mentioned. Please take the time to complete this as there are forms and information that is vital to the school.