The Devil's Arithmetic

Diane King, Rheann Burton, Tiffany Key, and Destin Ferraro


Hannah Stern is a young jewish girl who is currently living with her parents. She is very bored by her relatives stories about their pasts. She is also not looking forward to to Passover Seder. When Hannah opens the door for a prophet named Elijah, she is transported back to 1941 during World War II. At that time people believe she is Chaya Abramowicz, who is suffering from cholera. Which is the disease that killed Chaya's parents. When she goes to her uncle's wedding the nazi's come in and transport the entire population of the village to a concentration camp near Donavin. Only Hannah knows what is going to happen. Her uncle Shmuel and some other men try to escape, but they get caught. Fayge, Shmuel's girlfriend, gets killed because she runs to Shmuel as he is about to get shot.

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Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 12:30pm

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