KA Class Update

January 15th, 2016

No School Monday, January 18- MLK Jr. Day

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Check out what's happening in KA!

It’s been a busy two weeks back at school for us! We have been working on remembering our rules and routines when we are at school, as well as how to continue to take care of our classroom materials, supplies and friends. We jumped right back into Lit and Math Blocks, Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops, Phonics and IB- and we are excited to continue our growth and learning! And we had our first trip to the Park Slope Armory!

In KA, we have been growing so much in our social-emotional skills. We have been learning different ways to calm down when we have strong feelings. We generated great ideas such as taking deep breaths, finding a quiet space, speaking to someone, and much more. We have also been talking about waiting. Whether it is waiting your turn in line, waiting to play with a favorite toy, or waiting for the school bus, we discovered that we have to be patient and use our strategies we brainstormed to remain calm. Ask us how we can be patient when waiting our turn.

It’s time to transport to our next IB Unit!

We began to “wheel” out our new IB unit on Transportation. We are so excited to learn about the different aspects of transportation, including what it means to transport and different forms of transportation used around the world. So far we have brainstormed what transportation means to us and we came up with different thoughts such as getting from place to place, moving from one space to another, and more! We have a new assignment that KA is really excited about doing every morning, which is placing their picture under the form of transportation they took to school that day. KA is extremely excited to launch this unit and already have so many questions and ideas to contribute.

Rocking and Rolling in Lit Block!

KA is rocking in their reading! During Lit Block we have seen so much growth within these past two weeks. We have been working hard to point under each word as well as use pictures and beginning letters to solve tricky words. We have been so excited to explore and implement the different reading strategies that we have learned. It has been so much fun growing our reading skills. We are readers!

Super Readers to the Rescue!

KA has been focusing on pattern books and learning many new reading strategies! One strategy that these Super Readers have been practicing is matching the pictures to the letters and words on the page. They have also been practicing to make sure that the words they read make sense, sounds right, and that they are carefully looking at the words as they read.

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¡Español en KA!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

KA keep moving hacia delante in Español. During this new term we are learning to orient ourselves: derecha (right), izquierda (left), delante (forward), atrás (backwards). KA is getting ready to move in Spanish, we play blindfold games, jump the rope, follow the leader, and put the tail on the donkey. So Fun! We are getting ready to explore the world using maps and the cardinal points: norte, sur, este y oeste. It’s going to be an exciting new semester. We are practicing non-stop our new songs: Los puntos cardinales.

Check out the video and lyrics https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz-v6fgxb3FmZGZHNm11ZVI2WjA/view?usp=sharing and keep practicing at home.


Last year, at the end of December we had so much fun with the parranda (the Puerto Rican version of parranda). We made maracas out of spoons, cups, and rice, and walked around school singing and surprising everyone with a latin touch. Check out our pictures and videos.


Ms. Rosado

LOS PIMPOLLOS - Los Puntos Cardinales

Izquierda- Derecha

KA izquierda derecha

Friday Throwback - De Parranda con KA

KA Artists have been hard at work as we transition (very slowly) to winter weather. Check out the winter wonderland they created in their classroom!!

KA really wants it to snow outside!! They are putting all of their creative energy into cutting, gluing, and sparkling up the environment!! Six is the magic number when it comes to snowflakes!!

Fingers crossed, Jack Frost hears their calls soon! Check out their icicles and snowflakes!

Happy New Year!!

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Music In KA

Students in KA are starting this new year by exploring "The Orchestra" in music. They explored a fun, interactive website SFS Kids here at school. I encourage you to continue exploring this website with your children at home, listen to orchestral works - and if possible - see live performances!

In a few weeks, after the students have learned the parts of the orchestra, they will have an opportunity to create pitched and non-pitched instruments out of nontraditional instrument materials such as coffee cans, shoe boxes, and soda bottles.

To help us prepare for this, I am requesting/inviting everyone to bring in ANY objects that normally might be recycled to the "BPCS DT Music Recycling Center". Please ensure that all items are thoroughly cleaned and safe for student use (no sharps, etc).

Items can included, but are not limited to:

  • Cans of all sizes (coffee, soup, etc)
  • Jars of all sizes (baby food, salsa) - lids are a plus!
  • Boxes (wooden, plastic)
  • Bottles
  • Bags of beads/old beans/pasta/etc.
  • Unwanted kitchen supplies (pots, etc)

Thanks in advance for your help! I will show THIS VIDEO as part of class - I hope it inspires you as well as our students!

Important dates and reminders

  • No School Monday, Jan. 18th.
  • We will attend the Armory every other Friday (1/22 will be our next trip). Please make sure your child wears comfortable shoes to run and play in.
  • We will continue to have outside recess and park trips as long as the temperature remains above 10 degrees. Please make sure your child is adequately dressed for these conditions.
  • Each Friday your child will be sent home with 3 books in a plastic bag. Please have your child read these books over the weekend and return them in the plastic bag the following Tuesday.
  • RAZ Kids logins were sent home Friday. Please log in and let us know if they do not work. https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login
  • Mon. Feb. 15: Mid-Winter Break Begins
  • Mon. Feb 22: Classes Resume