Real World Writing Experiences

Our Fabulous Beach Trip!

Express and Reflect

  • The writer expresses or reflects on his or her own life and experiences
  • .... expresses emotions
  • ...... often looks backward in order to look forward in an effort to change the outcome

My friend Sarah and i took a beach trip in July 2014 to Myrtle Beach. It was the best Beach trip I have ever taken before. It was only Sarah, my brother Colton, his friend Anna and I. We rented a beach house in ocean lakes for a whole week and I honestly remember every detail from our trip because it was amazing!

Inform and Explain

  • The writer...
  • ... states a main point and purpose.
  • ... tries to present the information in a surprising way

As soon as we got to the beach we could not wait to get our toes in the water and feel the summer sun! Each day until supper time we stayed on the beach and soaked up the sun and took walks, then at supper each night we went out to eat. Two of the nights we played putt putt twice, which I enjoyed a lot because I won both times. On three of the days we went shopping after supper. One night we went to Broadway and saw a movie at the theatre. Then one the last night we decided to go to the strip!

Evaluate and Judge

  • The writer...
  • ... focuses on the worth of person , object, idea, or other phenomenon. Ask: how valuable is this ________ ?
  • ... usually specifies the criteria to the object being seen as "good" or "bad"

Sarah and I have been to the beach together twice. The first time we went to Holden Beach with my whole family and only stayed for four nights. The second time we went to myrtle beach with only my brother and his friend. We had the most fun the second time because there was more to do at Myrtle and because my brother was more fun and we got to stay out later.

Inquire and Explore

Ever since seventh grade summer we have invented our own tradition of going to the beach together every summer. We decided to do this because we had a lot of fun on our very first trip. When we go to the beach we always play putt putt because it was our favorite thing to do as a group.

Analyze and Interpret

This coming summer we are trying to decide weather we want to go to Myrtle Beach again or go to Panama Beach. We also are trying to decide what time is best to go eat so we wont get into the crowds. We have also decided we are going to go in August instead of June or July. The reason we are doing this is because it's cheaper and there's less people on the Beach and at the restaurants.

Take a Stand

A problem I see at the beach is all the shark attacks. i think there needs to be a rule on how far you can go out in the ocean when all those shark attacks happened. I also think there needs to be better security in Ocean Lakes to keep the people safe. I thin that they need to have people cleaning on the beaches so theirs not so much trash on the beach also. Besides these things i had a ton of fun at the beach and i cant wait for the next trip!

  • The writer...
  • ... seeks to persuade audiences to accept a particular position on a controversial issue.
  • ... describes the problem, proposes a solution, and provides justification.
  • ... is calling for action