Preppy Charms LEADING THE WAY!

January 2015 Recognition

The Month to LOVE Your Business!

We have so much to celebrate from January! We added 20 new stylists and 14 stylists earned the new Stella & Dot sunnies! I cannot wait to see what February has in store.

I love a new month. It's a fresh start to do your best and achieve all of your goals. February is one of those months that is one of my faves because everyone is past the Holiday hoopla, HAPPY that "maybe" spring is right around the corner and just ready to get out of the house and see friends again!

A new month always starts with your monthly goals! Take some time today to think about what YOU want to accomplish this month. What do you want your dashboard to look like by February 29th? (YES! WE have an extra day ;)) Will it say "Stellar Seller"? Will you have earned your JumpStart as a newbie? Will it say a new career rank? Will it say you earned your highest payout ever? This is YOUR time to create your destiny for February!

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Christi Smith

Stephanie Cheek

Cassandra de Turk

Tasha Vinzant

Kerry Smith

Jennifer Montgomery

Christine Talhelm

Beth Anne Joel

Diana McIntyre

Meredith Herbert

Beth Dillie

Brittney Vogel

Ashley Erwin

Kelly Sommers

Kristina Maxfield

rebecca fisher

Jennifer Mulkey

shauna burnham

Rebecca Berchtold

Haley Kolowski

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CONGRATS to these stylists for selling $1500+ PQV between January 7th- January 31st! You have earned the brand NEW Parker sunnies in tortoise!!

Christine Swartz

Janelle Scudder

Ashley Drissi

Ashley Erin*

Jena Green

Ciara Haenke

Chelsea Molleck

Rebecca Berchtold*

Amber Werderitch

Joy Johnson

Morrisa Reynolds

Erin Collins

Jessica Foy

Kaitlin Hayner

*Special congrats to these ladies STILL in their Jumpstart!

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All of the ladies above plus...

Ashley Erwin

Rebecca Berchtold

Valerie Graham

Susan Kim

Michelle Workman

Erin Collins

Lori Meinhart

Amy McConville

Emily Eyler

Elizabeth Monroe

Lorin Miller

Beth Ratts

Liesel Lancaster

Hannah Parrott

Ashley Ryan

Megan Barone

Michelle Burgess

Amanda Ladage

Katie Cieski

Holly Parinello

leslie isonhart

Chelsea Brown

Samantha Youngblood

Aparna Baman

Heather Stoehr

Laura Jones

Tara Sheets

Samantha Richardson

Lauren Gallagher

Jill Hoerr

Brittany Guzman

Amy Carlson

Whitney Lambert

Lauren Tulchinsky

Amie Foutz

Christina Tibbs

Ashley Hull

Amber Anstine

Lauren Compton

Erin Pinaire

Jessica Pierce

Whitney Bell

Rachel Huskins

Tara Bohm

Anna Blessing

Stephanie Hillis

Ashley Fairfull

Candace Rivet