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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ November 18

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Happy Thanksgiving!

No School on Wed, Nov 23


We have so much to be grateful for at Lakeview. This is my 24th year in education, and I can say without a doubt that Lakeview has the best teachers, staff, students, and families. I am grateful every day for the strong relationships and the high expectations that exist here. I am grateful for each little kindness that our students show towards one another (read our Golden Lions every week and you will understand). I am grateful for the way our educators work together every day to reinvent education for the wide spectrum of learners within our walls. And I am grateful for you, our Lakeview families, for the way you support us in some of the hardest and most rewarding work in the world - raising the next generation. Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you THANKFUL for a staff member at Lakeview?

Give them a ROAR award! You can give a ROAR award to teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, food service staff, our custodian Mr. Rob - anyone that you think is making a difference in your child's life (or even to just say "Thank you!"). All you have to do is click this link and enter the info.

The link to submit a ROAR award is in this newsletter every week. Our staff members really appreciate these nice notes. They are the grown-up version of a Golden Lion. The Lakeview PTO sponsors them and draws one of the ROAR award winners each month to receive a gift card of her/his choosing. Keep the thanksgiving spirit going all year long by submitting ROAR awards for Lakeview staff members.

Thank you for donations to food drive

Thank you for your donations to the South Milwaukee food drive. All donations go to our local Human Concerns where they are available to the local community.

To celebrate our efforts, Lakeview will have a "Popsicles and Pajamas Day" on Tuesday, November 22. Be sure your child is still ready for the weather (for example, be sure your student has shoes for recess and gym if bringing slippers).

PTO Newsletter

Next PTO Event - Bingo night on Thursday, December 1 from 6:00-7:30 in the Lakeview gym. FREE and must attend with parent/guardian. Doors open at 6:00 and games start at 6:30.

Our Lakeview PTO has created a newsletter for our families. Please click the link below it to read about:

• Upcoming family events

• Current fundraisers

Lakeview Behavior Support Update

Periodically, we report to families about our behavior data and the way we support students.

• We've had 277 Golden Lions so far this year (celebrating special moments of our "Be Safe ~ Be Respectful ~ Be Engaged" expectations). This is awesome!

84% of our students have not had any incident entries so far this year. Another 9% have had only 1 incident so far. That means 93% of our students have 0 or 1 unexpected behavior so far this year! In general, if 80% or more of the students in a school are living up to expectations, that means we have a strong system of expectations and responses.

We are proud of our students!

When we record our incidents, the most common type of behavior so far is "disrespect". This is some sort of verbal or minor physical offense towards another student or an adult. So, of the small group of students that are occasionally displaying a behavior, it is something like calling another person a rude name, using offensive language, or hitting another student in a way that our teachers handle immediately.

Please talk to your student(s) about how to solve problems and hold high expectations for students at home to talk respectfully and only use kind words to solve problems. We find that our incidents often relate to disagreements in which students have a big reaction to a small problem ("He had the ball and wouldn't let me play, so I _____"). Hitting and calling names is never acceptable - at school or at home. Treating others with respect is the expectation at Lakeview and everywhere else in life. Even if your child is one of the 93% who have had 0-1 incidents this year, this is a good conversation to have with your child.

Golden Lions this week

Here are the Lakeview Golden Lions for this week. We had 37 (!) examples of being safe, respectful, and engaged!

• Saphire has been engaged when working on reading skills in a small group! Keep it up!

• David has been engaged when working on spelling skills in a small group! Awesome Job!

• Urijah saw a smaller child get hurt and rushed to get him help even went as far as cleaning him off. His concern for the little one was so kind and heartfelt I was so impressed by his compassion. Keep up the kindness!

• Jacob worked so hard today in Reader's Workshop scooping up his words in phrases so that his reading sounded fluent. Keep up the good work, Jacob.

• During Reading Workshop today, Zak really focused on the success criteria and wrote the main idea and supporting details on a topic from his expository nonfiction text. Then, he took it further by using his jot to explain to me what he learned. Wow! Now that is what 3rd grade readers do! Keep up the good work, Zak.

• During Writer's Workshop today, Gabby was really focused on her informational slideshow. She edited and revised one of her chapters to improve her message to her readers. Thank you, Gabby!

• Oscar, you have been doing such a good job engaging in our word work. You are really listening and thinking about the patterns we are learning. You also have been really following our routines and helping others. I am very proud of you!

• Rosie, I am so proud of how you were engaging in your work and using an appropriate voice level. Keep it up!

• Ben was taking the pass to use the bathroom. He heard me start to give some directions. He immediately came back in the room, stayed for the directions so that he would know what to do when he returned. He also took his word cards home to practice with his mom, she checked off the ones he knew and he returned them the next day to show me his progress!
Keep up the great responsibility Ben!!

• Grayson is an active listener and participant in our word work lessons! Thank you for doing such a nice job and keep it up!

• Izzy is an active listener and participant in our word work lessons! Thank you for doing such a nice job and keep it up!

• Princeton is an active listener and participant in our word work lessons! Thank you for doing such a nice job and keep it up!

• Ella is an active listener and participant in our word work lessons! Thank you for doing such a nice job and keep it up!

• Aksana has bee using her time wisely in writing and consistently engaging in her work. She did a nice job of applying the work presented in lessons and making sure she consistently finished her job each day.

• I noticed that Kaylee stayed at her lunch table and cleaned up after her classmates. This shows me that you care about the school and about making Mr. Rob's job easier and showing him kindess.

• Thank you, Anthony, for staying engaged even when others around you can be distracting. This shows that you care about your learning. It is also setting a great example for others. Way to go!

• If there was an expectation to Be Kind, Opal would recieve a Golden Lion for Kindness every day. Opal shows how much she cares for others including me, her teacher. Every morning I am greeted with a hug and a big smile. Many times throughout the day you also give me hugs. This means the world to me. It shows you care about me and how I am feeling. Thank you for being you.

• Tristan has been engaged when practicing reading skills. Super job!

• Eliezer has been engaged when practicing reading skills! Fantastic Job!

• Junior knows almost all of the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet and he knows almost all of the letter sounds! Keep working hard, Junior, to learn the short vowel sounds of the letters e, i, o and u!

• Aaliyah was so engaged in our lesson in Phonics today. She was always saying the words and sounds and recording everything in her folder right away. Keep up the great work Aaliyah!

• Carter was safe with his tools and used them properly. He worked hard to create his relief artwork, and put in his best effort. Keep up the great work, Carter!

• Ellasyn consistently helps explain things to friends when they are confused. For example, she repeats directions, helps with a strategy, or teaches how to use a feature in a Google slideshow. Thank you for being a friend everyone can count on, Ellasyn!

• Ben has really engaged in his reading and has been able to really focus on the book he is reading. There was one day in particular that he read over 50 pages! I am so proud of you! Keep up the reading, Ben!

• Alexa has been really engaged during Reading Workshop. She gets right to it....opens her book and gets started on her reading. She also stays so focused while reading. Keep up this high level of reading engagement!

• Jaz bumped into a student causing the student to spill his milk and apologized and offered to walk the student to the office to get a change of clothes.

• Hunter goes out of his way to help keep our building and hallways clean for everyone. Thanks for making Lakeview a better place to be!

• Lerice is really engaged in his reading and has been able to really focus on the book he is reading. He has been finishing books! I am so proud of you! Keep up the reading, Lerice!

• Emiya has been working so hard at reading and writing. He is so proud of all his work and loves to read! Great job!

• Aaliyah is always finding ways to help out in the classroom and lunch room. Aaliyah saw there was a mess on the lunch table. The mess was not hers, yet she picked up the garbage and threw it away anyway. She also helped another student clean up a spill. Thank you for helping to keep our school clean!

• At recess, Shemar saw that a classmate had dropped some items coming in from recess. He stopped, went back and helped her clean up. Thank you for sharing your kindness and making Lakeview a better place to be!

• Izzy has been really engaging in his Lexia work. He has been passing levels and growing due to his engagement!

• Alex was completely engaged in his Math work. He showed his work neatly and clearly, making sure he used mathematical statements to answer each story problem. He even took on writing some extra story problems to challenge himself and his classmates!

• I was working with a student and Daisy offered to do read aloud to the class for me so that the student and I could finish his assessment. Thanks for being a great helper!

• Karleigh always works hard during reading group! She is good at finding the theme of a story and using a double entry journal to record her thinking and record evidence from the text! Karleigh, you should be very proud of yourself!

• Addy shows a high level of engagement every single day. She is a great listener, participates, and focuses on the work in front of her. I am so proud of how hard she works and the care she puts into everything she does. Keep up the great work, Addy.

• Molly shows kindness and compassion to her classmates on a daily basis. She is accepting and makes everybody feel that they are special by the way she treats them. She is always willing to welcome those that don't have a partner to work in her group. She makes others feel loved. You are a wonderful person Molly!

Roar Awards for Teachers

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.

Annual Notices

We periodically provide required annual notices to our families. Here is the entire list again, and this month we highlight #4 (Curriculum Modifications) and #11 (School Accountability Report).

This week, the Department of Public Instruction for the State of Wisconsin released the school and district report cards. Lakeview and the School District of South Milwaukee is doing some incredible work to be responsive to student needs, especially as we emerge from the pandemic. On our report card, Lakeview is heavily weighted for student growth on the annual Forward exam given to grades 3, 4, and 5. We are seeing better growth, meaning that our school ranking rose, and we believe it will continue to grow. There are a lot of factors that go into the rating on this report card. How can you help your child? Read to/with them every day for 20 or more minutes and ensure consistent, full-day attendance. The PDF of Lakeview's report card is available below and on the DPI website.

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