School Counseling Corner

March Newsletter | 2021-2022

Kids, how many links can you find in this newsletter?

HINT: There are at least 10 links for kids to discover and explore!

Brown Elementary School

Brown Bobcats and Families,

Can you sense the buzzing of excitement in the air? A new season of spring is ready to emerge and capture our attention with fresh blooms of vibrant colors.

One way to join in on the party of spring is by gardening vegetables and flowers. Gardening is an excellent personal coping strategy that helps to calm the body and mind. A well thought-out gardening project can also help to bring families together, especially when it yields yummy results to your tummy. Start in a corner of your yard with either a few pots of herbs or a small plot of land with veggies and/or flowers; plant something you love. It will do your heart, mind and soul well.

Bee safe, bee happy, and bee healthy,

Ms. Von Berckefeldt (Ms. V)

Brown Elementary School Counselor

Holi - The Festival of Color

March 17-18, 2022 - Come and learn about the fun and exciting "Festival of Color - Holi" that Hindus and non-Hindus celebrate all around the world!

Click here to learn more about "Holi for Kids":

  • Videos
  • Music
  • Arts and Crafts
  • and much more!

Dr. Seuss Week

Dr. Seuss Week is February 28th - March 4th

Click here to learn how you can participate in the celebrations!

SPOTLIGHT: Multicultural and Social Awareness

In the month of March we are recognizing the following groups, cultures and/or causes:

Click here for book recommendations for kids

Students, be sure and check out the School Counseling Google Classroom to access the SPOTLIGHT Virtual Library for March.


School Counselors support students in three domains: Academic, Social/Emotional, and College/Career. Check out some cool links for kids in each area below.

Affirmations & Positive Thinking for Kids 💪 Morning Rituals for Kids 😊Watch This Before School

Click here for the digital Art Gallery to view current and previous Artists of the Month


Art is great for calming your brain and body and releasing your creative imagination. Art can also help you to express yourself to others when you want to use more than words to speak.

Click on the link below anytime you need a creative outlet.

Social Media and Online Safety Tips

Parents and Guardians,

On a daily basis, many students as young as 4th grade inform educators that they are on social media or other online platforms (i.e., gaming) and interact with strangers who they would consider their "friends".

I will continue to post videos here to help raise social media and online safety awareness for parents and guardians. Please consider having these safety talks regularly with your child.

"Share with Care" [video below] on Social Media and Online Safety.

Share with Care | Federal Trade Commission

Tools for Teachers

Thinking about assigning jobs to your students? Or, do you want to level-up your classroom job gig that you already have going?

Then check out the Class Equity website that helps you digitally manage classroom jobs.


Click here to learn more about School Counseling across the United States!

School Counselor

Ms. Von Berckefeldt (Ms. V)

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If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact 1-209-558-4600, National Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (en espanol 1-800-628-9454), text "Hello" to the Crisis Hotline 741741, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room / hospital.


Confidentiality Disclosure: Virtual services via email, audio, and video conferencing are not secure for personal issues and pose confidentiality issues.