The Effects of Buying Comfort Color

By: Trey Goodspeed

How its made

Comfort Colors T-shirts are made out of two things, 100% Cotton, and Pigment color. Most shirts that claim to have 100% cotton, but also contain plastic lining. After some research I found that Comfort Color shirts are intact made out of 100% Cotton. This Cotton is grown on fields that are harvested in he fall by machines. Then this Cotton is then "Ginned", which basically means they use a gin machine to separate the Cotton and the dirt. The cotton then goes through a process that eventually allows it to take the shape of an everyday t-shirt. Then pigment coloring is added to the shirt which allows it to have the soft coloring. The pigment itself is manufactured by factories through a chemical process.

How they are used

These are shirts that are becoming more popular and more and more people are wearing them around the world. The shirts can last a lifetime depending on how they are worn and treated. The only problem is these shirts, like any other, will go out of fashion, resulting in most buyers just throwing them away.

how Comfort Colors effect environment

The cotton made in these shirts are known to break down in about 1-5 months. But this doesn't take into account the chemicals in the pigment coloring. When one of these shirts is thrown away, the chemicals can be very detrimental to the environment, effecting the soil in the ground. this is why it is critical to not throw away your shirt, but give it to someone who might need it.

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