World Culture Classes!

Where students visit the world through one classroom.

Take the best class of our school: World Culture!

We have many great instructors in class but what really makes this class truly interesting is the amount of diversity and uniqueness in it that cannot be found anywhere else in this school. From learning how to cook French food, to the history of Greece, and even dancing to Korean pop music, this class has anything that will satisfy you!

Pick this as your elective next year!

World Culture class is a great way to learn and experience the fun and traditions found in other countries. In one month, you may be learning about India and in the next you could be learning about Brazil! It'll be like a one-way trip around the world without having to leave the school!

Guaranteed to be a fun and enjoyable class!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have to bring anything to class?
  • You should bring a notebook and a folder, a pencil, and if there is anything else that you will need to bring you will be notified as to what you it is prior to that event.
What will you actually do in class?

  • It depends what you will do, but usually, if the schedule is followed, the class would learn and experience one country every month. For example, you can be learning about Italy in September and then at the end of the month you would probably already know so much in Italy, and/or learn how to cook Italian food. In October, you could also be learning about India, and etc.