Evolution of the Bow and Arrow

By Dalton Carter

Economy, Environment, Culture, Politics, and Society information.


Economy on bows can very from cheap 25$ training bows to 400$-600$ Compound Hunting bows.

Environment of bows would be around hunters and professional shooters for competitions.

Culture would be Native Americans and Indians.

Politics would be the trading, buying/selling of bows and different brands and kinds wither it be a hunting bow or a normal trainee bow.

Social information could be the talk of upgrades to the bow such as strings, kissers, sights, arrows, and arrow heads.

Bows were common to most cultures, the bow and arrow is among the oldest composite projectile weapons ever invented. The only other objects that came close to the bow and arrow were the throwing darts and throwing spears. Bows have been around since 17,500 BCE but became really popular in the 30,000BCE.

Below are pictures of some of the first kinds of bow and arrows

These are the moderate bows and arrows.

New technology of bows and arrows.

As you can see the difference and advancements of bows and arrows you can see there is a huge difference from the old age to the new age. We have become more accurate, deadly, and powerful with today's bows and arrows.