A Sloth's Life

Nevaeh Tolodziecki


Most sloths are herbivores. Very few are are omnivores. Herbivores mostly eat fruits,and leaves. The omnivores usaully eat plants,insects,and reptiles

interestining facts

  • Sloths have almost have no tails or ears.
  • Sloths have peg like teeth which means they are round.
  • A sloth can be anywhere from 23-27 inches long.
  • A sloth has its own pecular way of moving very slowly.
  • Sloths feed on twigs,fruits,buds,and leaves.
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There is no population estamate for most types of sloths. But,there could be less than 100 pygmy 3 toed sloths on Earth!!
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ocassionally, sloths will jump into the water for a swim. sloths are very excellent swimmers. Also,slothsare nocternal. Also solitary which means they live alone
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