Constitution Project

By: Nathan Bailey

The Articles of Confederation

The articles of confederation is the first constitution of america. The articles said how the government was going to work and how the three branches of the government is going to work. This constitution fell because there was nothing about the citizens rights. Therefore the farmers had to create the very first amendments called the bill of rights. There was over 200 amendments. So James Madison summarized the amendments and turned the into the bill of rights.

The Government Branches

The government has checks and balances. This is needed because the government cant get too much power. The president can veto a bill but congress can take a vote and turn the bill into a law. The government also uses these to keep the other branches form gaining too much power. Checks and balances also help to keep the government running smoothly.

The Bill of Rights

The first amendment I think is the most important. This is because the first amendment has the five freedoms. These include press, religion, speech, petition, and assembly. If the constitution didn't have this amendment then the U.S. wouldn't be one of the most free country. These rights have consequences if they are misused which puts some limits on what people can do.

The government can be changed by the people. But the people cant change every thing about the government. But the people play a big part in it. The people can vote for the people they want to be in the government. Such as the president, and congress members. This is handy because the people need to have a government they like. people can also suggest things to the government like if you think there should traffic lights where there isn't.