Course Selection Info Evenving

all parents and students welcome to attend

Planning the next school year

Every Spring, students are able to select their courses for the upcoming school year. This online process will officially begin on Monday, April 4 and CLOSE on April 13 @ 4:00 pm.

The info evening is an opportunity for the school to share some important information about the process and some things to consider when making your selections.



7:00 pm Welcome, Introductions and Acknowledgement

7:10 pm Large Group presentation

7:50 pm Question & Answer
8:00 pm THANK YOU's


8:00-8:30 pm Computer Labs (Rm 221-224 will be open for parents and students)


In order to select courses for next year, student must LOG ON to STUDENT CONNECT and select PICK COURSES on the menu. If a student does not remember the LOG IN information, please check with the office.

Parents/Guardians are asked to CONFIRM the selected courses on PARENT CONNECT.

For parents who forget their login information or have NEVER used the Parent Connect website, please follow the instructions on the PARENT CONNECT website.

NOTE: The FULTON office staff can not give out PARENT login information over the phone or in person. Parents must use the Parent Connect to set up their account and or retrieve their password.

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Course Selection INFO EVENING

Wednesday, April 6th, 7-8pm

2301 Fulton Road

Vernon, BC