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January 7, 2022

Message from the Principal

Dear Westridge Community,

Happy New Year and welcome back! We had a wonderful first week back at Westridge. This month our focus is on the trait of perseverance. We are guided by the following definition of perseverance: the ability to work through a situation even when there are obstacles or challenges in the way. This is a great time of year for goal setting with children. When we set goals, while focusing on perseverance, we can celebrate growth, effort, and the process, not just an outcome. Students at Westridge persevere during literacy, mathematics, art, STEM, Music, PE, recess, and more! To learn more about our character trait of the month, please see our counselor's message below.

It is timely that we think through this important trait as we all need some perseverance at this time. At Westridge we are persevering each and every day, while maintaining our commitment to health and safety. Students are doing a wonderful job of following protocols while learning at high levels. Thank you for your continued support.


Jules Laaperi



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Save the Dates!

January 17: No School (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

January 19: Kindergarten Registration opens ONLINE!

January 19: Kindergarten Virtual Open House

January 26: Palisades World Languages open house (Virtual) for Kinder Spanish Immersion

January 28: No School (Grade Prep)

February 21: No School (President's day)

January SEL Theme: Perseverance

Dear Westridge Families,

As we start the new year of 2022, we will be spending the month of January introducing the character trait of PERSEVERANCE in our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons. The definition we will be using for Perseverance is: the ability to work through situations even when there are obstacles or challenges in the way.

A lot of research today is telling us that the highest indicators of success in our kids isn’t just about their grades or their IQ. The number one skill that helps people of all walks of life be successful is GRIT! Grit is the ability to persevere in the face of adversity or even failure.

Over the course of the month, we will talk about inspiring people who faced many failures before they found success. We will talk about what it means to navigate tough stuff, even when it feels overwhelming or really hard. We will talk about having a Growth Mindset; to see challenges and failure as an opportunity to grow instead of a brick wall.

Here are links for extension activities to explore PERSEVERANCE further as a family:

K-2 PERSEVERANCE Parent Letter (English) K-2 PERSEVERANCE Parent Letter (En Español) 3-5 PERSEVERANCE Parent Letter (English) 3-5 PERSEVERANCE Parent Letter (En Español)


Gary Kieser MA, LPC

School Counselor


Key Reminders From the District About COVID-19

Please read the email message from our superintendent, Dr. Schiele, which was sent to families on January 1, regarding the district response to the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Four key reminders from that message are:

  1. Don’t go to School Sick Please don’t send your child to school with ANY illness symptoms, no matter how mild. This includes a runny nose or scratchy throat.
  2. Required Face Coverings Our districts will continue to require masks in all buildings. Please make sure to remind your child to wear their mask over their nose and mouth at all times indoors (except when actively eating or drinking). Based on CDC mask recommendations (see Considerations for Children), we encourage the use of well fitting and comfortable masks for optimal protection.
  3. Wash Hands Frequently Protocols and systems are implemented to ensure access to soap, water, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol available throughout LOSD school buildings. Schools will prioritize handwashing with soap and water after students or staff use the restroom and throughout the day, as appropriate.
  4. Distancing ​​Physical distancing of 3 feet will be maintained in the classroom to the extent possible. Students and staff will be asked to be mindful of physical distancing throughout the school day. During meal time, physical distancing of 6 feet will be maintained.

Thanks to everyone for reminding your kids about the importance of following our safety protocols so that we can keep everyone healthy and safe. We'll keep reminding them too!

Immunization Exclusion Day Extended

Exclusion day has been extended for students that are not up to date with their required immunizations. If you have any questions about your child's immunizations, please contact Andrea Murphy at murphya@loswego.k12.or.us

For a list of required immunizations please visit our Nurses website here

Student Attendance:

If your child will be absent, please email your student's teacher and copy the office at murphya@loswego.k12.or.us. Please list the date your child will be absent and any illness symptoms.

If you need to pick your child up early from school, please let the teacher and the office know ahead of time.

i-Ready Winter Assessment

This Winter, all K-8 students in Lake Oswego will complete two online i-Ready assessments in class. One is for math and the other is for reading. i-Ready is a program that will help us determine your child’s strengths and areas for growth, personalize their learning, and monitor their progress throughout the school year. i-Ready allows us to meet your child where they are and provides us with data to inform and tailor instruction to accelerate growth. This is the second of three i-Ready assessments we give each year, and results will be shared with parents in February. For kindergartners, this will be their first i-Ready assessment. Our Winter i-Ready window is open from January 3-28.

Oregon State Assessment Opt-Out Form

Every year, Oregon students take assessments to meet federal requirements. The purpose of these assessments is to provide data that schools can use to ensure each and every child is on track and achieving learning goals.

State law requires us to inform you that a form is available from the State Department of Education that allows you to opt your child out of the math and English Language Arts assessments for the current school year. Should you wish to opt out your child, fill out the form and submit it to the main office at your child’s school. Please note the submission deadlines listed on the form. Meeting the deadline will help the school with planning and preparation. If you wish your child not to participate in the science assessment for grades 5, 8, and 11, submit this request in writing to the principal of your child's school.

If you have questions or want more information about state assessments, please contact your child’s principal or teacher(s).

Click here for opt-out form for Math and English Language Arts.

Westridge Elementary School

All members of our community are committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment that cultivates empathy, creates challenging opportunities, and fosters lifelong learning.