Springstroh Times

March 17, 2016

This Week's Learning

Everyday Math

This week your child completed an assessment on Unit 8 material (finding the area and perimeter of a rectangle) and were retaught the concepts of angles and area number problems. They also had a chance to look at the practice Wisconsin Forward Exam math section. Your child was able to view the different math tools they will be able to use, such as an electronic ruler and a protractor. They were also able to see the format of the test and get used to it. We will be practicing a lot more for the state test after spring break.

Social Studies

This week we completely focused on working through the "Grandparent" Essay. Students drafted, revised, edited, and published! You can look it over with your child this weekend if you'd like. I will be selecting up to four of the best essays to be spotlighted at the Hoard Museum in May.


Writer's Workshop

This week your child did a power write on the Iditarod. They created a poster explaining the history, the dogs, what a musher needs, and the dangers of the race. The kids really enjoyed the mini unit and learned quite a bit!

Reader's Workshop

In reader's workshop your child did a reader's theatre on the Iditarod, close read an article about it, and learned about a musher who raced this year. At the beginning of this week, they didn't even know what the Iditarod was and by the end they could explain quite a bit about it.

Important Dates to Remember

March 18th - No School (Records Day)

March 21st - March 25th: Spring Break

April 1st - Purdy Pride Day

April 7th - 6:30 pm 4th and 5th Grade Spring Concert at High School

April 15th - Purdy Palooza Activities