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Student Absences

Please remind students if they will be absent from school or their jobsite to call the main office or leave a message with their Social Worker and/or Case Manager so that accurate attendance is being taken.

Student Verification Forms

Student verification forms of any kind should be given to the social workers to fill out.

Often families/students need a school official to complete a form to verify attendance, enrollment, or participation for governmental agencies or housing programs.

If the social worker assigned to the student is not in or available, please put the form in their school mailbox and they will complete it at their first opportunity. Thank you.

Sixth Period

Sixth Period is not complete until 3:15.

Please do not release students prior to 3:15.

We will be notifying all buses that pick-up will not be until after 3:15

Work-based Events

Please see the attached flyer for information about two events The Arc Greater Twin Cities is hosting this month.

The events are intended to provide individuals and families with information about WIOA. Kim Peck, director of VRS, will be presenting at both events. Please forward this to any parents you think may be interested. The events will be taking place at the following dates and locations:

Thursday, April 20, 6-7:30 pm at North Regional Library (Minneapolis)

Tuesday, April 25, 6:30-8 pm at Dakota County Northern Service Center (West St. Paul)

Team One Work Opportunities

Please let MaryAnn know if you have any students who might be interested in any of the following openings:

Team 1 Worksite Openings:

Lifetime Fitness – 2 openings T/TH 12-1:30pm students eat lunch at 11:40am [light cleaning]

Scan Lab:

MW 2nd period-2 openings

MW 5th period-5 openings

TTH 2nd period-4-5 openings


3rd Period T/TH

5th Period MW & T/TH

6th Period MW & T/TH

Upcoming Dates

April 19 ----------PSWE

April 21 ----------ILT- M/W Schedule

----------------------SEA Meetings 2-2:30 & 2:35-3:05

April 27 ----------Visit Transition Plus

April 27 ----------Family Engagement Night

April 28 ----------CBI Friday

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