Monday Morning Message

Week of October 12 2015

Overflowing October

Historically October tends to be a busy month for us and this October is no exception! We have a lot going on with the Fall Bash Monster Mash and the ending of the 1st academic quarter.

With so much going on it is important to be aware of due dates so here is a quick reminder:

  • PLPs for grades K-5th are due this Friday, October 16th at 9am. Kindergarten to Anna and 1st-5th to me. I am leaving for principal's Conference this weekend so it is imperative that these are turned in on time.
  • 1st Quarter Ends on October 23rd-Lock your grades in Jupiter so anything posted after the 23rd is not counted towards 1st Q report cards.
  • All grades for 1st Q must be in Jupiter by Monday the 26th for Anna and I to review. Anna will be out October 28th -November 6th so the due date must be met.

Accreditation Update

Groups have been meeting and working diligently, researching their standards and creating bullet points. If there is a team who has completed their bullet points please forward to me so I can forward to Mully. Remember, we can't send Mully everything in one big package.

The Team for Standard 5 met our first deadline last week by completing Student Performance Worksheets based upon SAT 10 and iREADY data. These were sent to Mully and met with her approval. She also explained that the SPW are works in progress and need to be updated each quarter with regards to iREADY data.

Our next due date is this Friday, the 17th. Anna and I will be meeting with Team 5 on Tuesday to write our academic SIP goals based upon the desegregated SAT 10 and iREADY data. These SIP goals will be what we are doing this year to achieve better results for Spring of 2016. Once they have been approved by Mully we will share with the whole staff as we will have to provide proof that we are working towards meeting these goals.

Fall Scholastic Book Fair

  • The Book Fair is an opportunity to build your classroom library!
  • Please make sure you take your class to the Book Fair on Tuesday during the day.
  • We have been most successful when the students show a list of books to their parents that you the teacher has recommended.
  • Parents can be overwhelmed when they go to the book fair so if their child has a legible list of books it makes it easier for them and they are more likely to buy.
  • Recommend to your parents that they buy additional books and hide them for Hanukkah, Christmas, and birthdays. Buying books is an investment in their child-not just a gift!
  • Talk the Book Fair up with your students everyday

Fall Bash Monster Mash

I'm not sure what came to pass on Friday when I was out on a field trip, so this information is based upon my last update with the committee on Thursday.


A food truck has been engaged for the FBMM. Sloppy Mamas is their name and pork sandwiches and sliders are their game. Details are being worked out for a kid's meal.

Hay Ride:

We are still in need of an ATV or Truck to pull a trailer. Please speak with family and friends to see if we can borrow it for the 23rd.


All the attractions have been booked. Prizes have been ordered. We are still looking for someone to do Henna-if you know someone please let Crystal, Jane, or Cara know.

Monster Mash:

Hima has started the decorations for the Monster Mash and the DJ has been booked. We will be using tables and chairs from Maranda, Tijerina, and Mustafa for the dance. ladies, please use masking tape to label your tables and chairs.

FBMM Assignments:

Assignments will be handed out no later than Wednesday the 21st. if you have a spouse, friend, parent, sibling, or child (at least 16 years of age) who would like to volunteer and help us out it would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, October 22nd:

  • Maranda and Tijerina will move out of their rooms in the afternoon. Maranda to Well's room and Tijerina to the Art room. Wells to 6/7 room (last year's Health room.)
  • At 4:00 pm, 6 parent volunteers will come and assist the committee in hanging the tarp for the Haunted House.


1.Staff Meeting on Thursday at 7:45 am in Carol's room. Please bring your 2nd Q PBLs as they will be collected.

2. If you did not change your interior bulletin boards by COB Friday please do so by COB Tuesday.

3.We have several volunteers for Trunk or Treat-Anna will keep us updated.

4. Operation Gratitude will be our first Big Step Little Feet event with our feeder preschools. We will send home flyers to our families the week of the 26th. The event itself will take place all day on Tuesday, November 3rd in the gym so there will be no PE that day-mark your calendars please. Curt will be supervising this event so he will not be available to take your students.

5. I leave at the crack of dawn on Sunday for Principal's Conference and return Thursday evening. It is very difficult for me to stay in touch with school due to time difference and the fact that my sessions run from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm with a 30 minute lunch break that varies in time each day. I will try to call school each day at 6:00 pm (EST) If there is something important you need to communicate to me please let Anna or Curt know, as they will be taking turns closing while I am away. I will see you all on Friday morning!

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