A look full of curiosity

Working with Video in Therapy, Rehabilitation and Education

Theory and Practice of the VideoGroup

People's curiosity about themselves ("Who am I?", "How am I?", "Who do I look like?") is particularly elicited today by the use of social network, the desire to build a good personal profile, by the popularity of selfies. These visual products, given proper attention and care, become powerful paths to expression, ways to look inside oneself. So, working on one's self image through video and photography, in a group setting, can be a useful tool of change.

Different ways of seeing oneself are conceived and organized in a Group's strategy, aimed at developing a self-reflective attitude, the ability to talk about oneself, the interaction with others.

This model of intervention has been usefully applied in psychotherapeutic, rehabilitation, couple and family therapy, child abuse and educational settings.

This Course is for educational purpose and is not for personal therapy purposes.

Theoretical and practical Course

This Training Course, already successfully taught in Italy and in Belgium, will be held in Seinajoki (Finland) in two phases (Jan 12-15, 2016; Mar 9-11, 2016).

Participants will receive a theoretical introduction to the use of one's personal image in arts and therapy, according to a psychotherapeutic approach; everyone will directly experience in front of the Videocamera the various techniques centered on seeing oneself (Videoconfrontation, Psyvideoclip, Photovideogenealogy, Selfies, Interviews, Improvisations), getting to know gradually the dynamics and the evolution of the VideoGroup. At the end of Part One participants will receive a detailed Assignment based on the first sessions taught, as a "homework" before Part Two.

In Part Two, some weeks later, the participants' work will be seen and supervised, so to strengthen the scope and the spirit of the Group's work.

A more detailed Introduction and Calendar of the activities can be found on: http://www.davidemanghi.com/en/notizie/training-course-in-finland.html

Some practical Information

The Course, in English, is open to 10 participants.

It will happen in Seinäjoki (Finland), c/o Toimintojentalo, Kasperiinvita 13, 60150 Seinäjoki (www.toimintojentalo.fi), reachable via bus service from City Center.

The cost of the Course is 650 Euro for each participant; deadline for applications is Dec. 3, 2015.

Details for registration: info@davidemanghi.com

For more information (travel, accommodation, etc.) contact (in English or Finnish): Virpi Harju: virpi.harju@iki.fi, or +358503698113.