US Military Packs Up and Moves


FDR was the one who called for total mobilization of the US armed forces after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only did he mobilize the armed forces, but he also mobilized the home front, mainly economically. During this time the debt rose $260 Billion (3.5 trillion adjusted for inflation) and the gross national product rose 100%. This means he pumped a ton of money into the economy to produce a ton of different things, including war materials. He also encouraged Americans to ration the things they had for the sake of the war.
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The 76th US Congress made many sacrifices and allowed FDR to do just about whatever he wanted. He had proven in his past terms that he could handle tough scenarios. They had allowed him to spend the large amount needed to mobilize the United States.
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George Marshall

George Marshall impacted WWII both during and after the war. During the war he was known as the "Great Mobilizer" for being FDR's right hand man in mobilization. FDR called for mobilization to happen but George Marshall put the plan into action. He also proposed the Marshall Plan after the war to help reconstruct Europe.
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Total War Mobilization Asked By FDR; Nazi War Plant 1945/1/8
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