Paul Robeson

An Important Man during the Harlem Renaissance.

Who was Paul Robeson and What were his Contributions to the Harlem Renaissance?

Paul Robeson was born in Princeton, New Jersey, on April 9, 1898. He attended Rutgers University, where he starred in four sports and twice was named an all-America end in football. Robeson was valedictorian of his class and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the national college honor society. In the later years, Paul Robeson gained a degree in Law School. Paul Robeson made many contributions during the Harlem Renaissance. For example, he was a black actor and singer. He was also a political activist who helped people have better lives in nationally and internationally. Robeson created a song called " Ol' Man River ". Robeson also created a book called " Here I Stand ". Paul Robeson had many acts to help the world a better place. Paul Robeson lived a well and long life before his death on January 23rd, 1976.
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Paul Robeson's Importance during the Harlem Renaissance

Paul Robeson was involved in many movement programs. Robeson won praise for his moving interpretations of black spirituals and the folk music of many countries. During Robeson's singing career, he performed in many shows and plays. For example, in 1928 Robeson performed on the musical " Show Boat " in London. Paul Robeson was also present in the play Othello and the Emperor Jones.
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How Paul Robeson has Affected the Community and World

Paul Robeson has affected many people nationally and internationally during his life. Robeson was involved in movements for peace, racial justice, and better labor conditions. Paul Robeson also supported independence for African colonies from their European rulers. Paul Robeson protested the growing Cold War and worked tirelessly for friendship and respect between the U.S. and the USSR.
Paul Robeson - Artists Can't Stand Aloof

If Paul Robeson was never born

The world would be different if Paul Robeson was never born because he helped many places nationally and internationally in many ways so people would have better lives. Labor conditions would have been still bad and unsafe for workers. Racism would be at a very high level. Lastly, people would have less peace between each other. Because of Paul Robeson these things have been improved in the world so people would live better. In addition, Robeson's political work that help many, would probably never exist. There would possibly still be problems between the U.S. and the USSR. Lastly, if Paul Robeson was never born people all over the world would have never heard the song " Ol' Man River ". If Paul Robeson never existed, that's one less of all the people that were important and gave contributions to the Harlem Renaissance.
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How Paul Robeson has Affected me

To be honest I have never heard of Paul Robeson. Until, the day I learned about him I realized he had done some things to affect my life. For example, Paul Robeson has affected me by having less racism around me. Also, Robeson improved working conditions. Therefore, how the conditions of where my parents work so they could be safe and be back home able to take care of me without having to worry about how work was. Lastly, when I do start working, I would have the same experience as my parents. My working environment would be clean and safe so I too don't have to worry about work.

Thank you Paul Robeson.


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