April 29, 2016

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Calendar Snapshot

Thank you, Crusader Families!

A letter from Mrs. Norton - STREAM Week Reflection

Volunteer Mass and Reception

May/June Lunch orders and credits
Parent Information & Registration Meetings - First Reconciliation & First Eucharist
Student account balances

Used Uniform Sale

CtRCS Family Picnic

Calendar Snapshot

May 4: Volunteer Appreciation Mass and Reception

May 4-6: 5th Grade trip to Camp Kappe

May 9: 3rd Grade Wax Museum

May 10: Spirit Night at Willie's - Copperfield or Baker Cypress

May 18: Mother's Mass

May 19: Field Day

May 20: Coffee with the Administration followed by Crusader Community Volunteer Meeting

May 21: Crusader Family Picnic

May 30: No school - Memorial Day

Note to Pre-K and Kindergarten Parents: Please note that Pre-K and Kindergarten students' last day of school will be Thursday, June 2. Kindergarten graduation will be in the morning, and the Pre-K "Send off to Summer" show will be at 2:15 p.m.

Thank you, Crusader Families!

From the CtRCS Faculty and Staff, we want to send a very big THANK YOU to our CARE committee and Crusader families! The delicious treats and thoughtful gifts were very much appreciated and enjoyed throughout Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing group of families here at CtRCS!

A letter from Mrs. Norton - STREAM Week Reflection

As I sat and reflected on STREAM week last night, I kept coming back to the 3 words I used during STREAM Night: discovery, failure and perseverance. Those three words capture the essence of what STREAM is about. The floods from last week brought about little problems that constantly needed to be solved, but in the end we persevered and we had a week full of discovery.

We combined IOWA testing and STREAM week, so on Monday we had career day. It was exciting to hear and see what all the kids want to do when they grow up. Our career day speaker come on Tuesday to share about his job at NASA doing mission control. Kids from all grades stayed to ask all these burning questions about his job, the steps they needed to take to get to mission control and what we might be exploring in space when they get old enough to work at mission control. At NASA they are always discovering new information, some of the missions fail, but they always have to persevere and keep moving forward to make all of these new discoveries.

STREAM night was a great way to showcase our students. STREAM is about the connection of the subjects - Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math, but it is equally about showcasing those connections in the real world. It makes learning relevant and about the student. Whether our children become artists, musicians, engineers, chemists, etc…, they will need to share with the world all of the discoveries they create or make.

As Christians we are called to be missionaries. The word missionaries involves many different acts, but it is the core of what God calls us to do. Our kids know their house, their school, their church, but Wednesday they got to see how kids live, go to school and attend Mass in Guatemala. Our speakers shared personal experiences about their visits to Guatemala. They talking about citizens needing basic eye care who they are able to help, schools needing supplies that they are able to help, homes without stoves that they were able to build. But at the end of the day they got to discover how the Guatemalans’ faith perseveres and brings them together as Catholics.

On Thursday we took off on a whole school field trip. With a week out of school for floods and last minute changes with the buses and chaperones, we had to problem solve and persevere, but we made it. Some of the bus routes were slight failures (some were trying to avoid traffic and ended up in more, one got stuck in HOV behind a person with a flat tire), but that is part of the adventure of field trips. The one bus that took the longest to get the museum was filled with students whose favorite part was the bus ride! At the museum we had kids matching up fossils, pointing out butterflies and being amazed at the size of dinosaurs, but the most special part was seeing them in the La Virgen de Guadalupe exhibit kneel and pray together as not only friends but family. The pictures of various groups throughout the day on their knees praying together brought tears to my eyes. The “R” in STREAM was beautifully reflected in those moments.

In closing, at Christ the Redeemer we are a family. We had many things that failed, many things that we discovered but through it all we persevered and we became a stronger family with many memories to bond us. Thank you to all the chaperones, volunteers, staff, parents, students and the Cameron Foundation who made it possible for our family to share this experience together and truly carry out the mission of our school to academically inspire and challenge our students and to guide our students to be leaders who proclaim the Gospel in action and word. With those thoughts I leave you with this picture…


Mrs. Norton

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CtRCS Volunteers

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May/June Process for Lunch Orders/Credits

Due to the inclement weather days and field day, many families have several credits available for lunch. In order to effectively manage the various accounts, Justus and Co. will take lunch orders on paper for May/June and bill the families (via an emailed link) for the appropriate balance of meals. Please complete the order form and email to annjsts@netzero.net.

Parent Information & Registration Meetings - First Reconciliation & First Eucharist

Children who are baptized Catholic, are at least 7 years old when receiving the sacrament and have attended at least one year of religious education (either through R.E. or a Catholic School) are now able to register for sacrament preparation. If you have a child who is currently in 1st-7th grade, meets the criteria mentioned and have not yet attended a meeting, please plan on attending our information and registration meeting. Parents can choose to attend one of the two scheduled meetings: 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17 in the Parish Hall or 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 19 in the youth suite located in the CtRCS building. For more information, please contact Annette O’Driscoll, coordinator of sacraments, at annette.odriscoll@ctrcc.com.

Student Account Balances

Final invoices for 2015-16 were emailed out on Wednesday, April 27 for any students who had a balance on his/her account. Please check to see if you received an invoice to ensure your child's account is paid in full. Final report cards and/or yearbooks cannot be released until student accounts are fully up-to-date for the academic year. If you have any questions about your account, or if you need to discuss payment, please contact Business Manager Aimee Oncale.

CtRCS Used Uniform Sale - bring your items in May!

Bring in your gently used, official CtRCS uniform items during the entire month of May to drop-off bins in the school front office and receive credit to spend at the school's first-ever Used Uniform Sale. Approved uniform items in good condition with no stains, holes or other damage will be accepted together in one, large Ziploc bag marked with the student's and current teacher's last names (to have a uniform receipt/credit delivered to your family). The Used Uniform Sale - which is a great way to supplement your official CtRCS uniform wardrobe - is scheduled 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, August 5 in the Parish Hall. Questions? Please contact Megan Dillingham in the Advancement Office.

2016 Crusader Family Picnic

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