Bowtie and Scarf Monday

Tie One On for the Cause

This Week's Cause: Homes for Our Troops

Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) builds specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these veterans have sustained injuries including multiple limb amputations, partial or full paralysis, and/or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). These homes restore some of the freedom and independence our veterans sacrificed while defending our country, and enable them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives.

Since 2004, HFOT has built over 200 specially adapted homes nationwide. The average cost to construct each specially adapted home nationwide runs $430,000. HFOT has a goal of building a home for every veteran who qualifies for one of our specially adapted homes.

Contributions can be made in the office of the Vice President for Student Services (110).

Who We Serve

Homes for Our Troops provides assistance to the most severely injured service members nationwide who have been injured since September 11, 2001 by providing them with mortgage-free, specially adapted homes. HFOT serves all branches of the military.

The Veteran must be approved for the Specially Adapted Housing Grant from the Veterans Administration. The grant is awarded to severely injured Veterans based on the level of injury. The Veteran applies to Homes for Our Troops , and must meet the following requirements:

  • The Veteran was injured in combat or in support of combat operations “in theater,” meaning while deployed overseas in the theater of war.
  • The injuries must have been sustained after Sept 11, 2001.
  • The Veteran must be retired or in the retirement process.
  • The home is to be used as the primary residence of the Veteran.
  • The Veteran passes a criminal and credit background check.
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