who are homeless?

People without homes that have little money and no roof over their family’s heads.


how can you help them?

bring comfort to the homeless, and get the government involved


discuss organizations in your community that help the homeless people.

thanksgiving dinner is at the christ united methodist church, also there’s the clothesline, then there's the food pantries and the soup kitchens and some of the churches.

children who are homeless don’t perform as well in school. Why?

the reason they don’t perform as well in school is because they aren’t able to go to school because they can't afford to buy their food, their school books, and school supplies, and their not able to buy nice clothes for school.

What can be done to help them?

we could donate money, give away the clothes that don't fit use anymore and we could help give the school books and supplies.


find statistics about how many children in america/ohio are homeless. Discuss.

6,380,000, the reason is because there aren’t any jobs in ohio so more and more people become homeless because they have no job to buy a house or to buy food, clothes and many more things for their family.