Descriptive Writing Summative Task


When You Finish Your Favourite Book Series

I've finally done it. As I read the last written word, my fingers hesitantly brush the corner of the page. Flipping over, I wait with anticipation, still not wanting to let go of the magical universe I have grown to love. Alas, it is the acknowledgments. I sigh in defeat. SLAM! I hopelessly close the hard covered book. All my questions have been answered, yet, I still wish I could live in these books some more. I’m angry as I feel tears fall down my cheeks. I promised I wouldn't cry. Though I forgive myself, nose sniffling and all, because it truly was an amazing ending. It really hits me that my favourite character has unfortunately passed away. I’m glad it wasn't for nothing and as much as I want to, I can’t be mad at the author because I’m sure it must have pained them just as much to write about it. I’m also grateful, in fact, because it just so happens that my OTP (One True Pairing) finally got together. It’s official, my ship has sailed. I am overwhelmed with emotion, as I start to hear the voices of my favourite characters bid me a final farewell. Confused, I wonder why this feels different from all the other times I finished a series. But then it hits me. This is the feeling you get when you finish your favourite book series.


Fear is like walking through a pitch black tunnel

It tastes like cold butterflies

It smells cold and damp

And reminds me of nightmares

It sounds like ragged breathing and distant screams

Fear makes me feel like giving up


Hope is a spark of fire

It tastes like caffeine

It smells of sugar

And reminds me of waking up after a long sleep

It sounds like deep breaths and reassuring whispers

Hope makes me feel like I don't need to give up