Training Dogs

By Olivia Smith

Did you just get a dog but didn't know how to train him? Well the basic things your dog needs to know are Sit, Lie Down, Come, OK, and Stay.


Take your dog's favorite treat and put it above his/her head and slowly move it back until your dog is sitting. Then when your dog is sitting say sit and give the treat. Repeat that several times until your dog gets it. If your dog jumps up then say no firmly. Then stop doing that and just say sit. If he/she sits then congratulate him/her. If not keep trying the first thing.

Lie Down

After your dog has mastered the sit, try this one!

Tell your dog sit then let him/her smell and look at the treat, put it in your fist and put your hand on the ground, expose the treat ever so slightly and when he lies down say down and give the treat. If your dog goes right back up say no and repeat. When he/she gets the hang of it only say down when your dog lies down, say good girl/boy.


Take a treat and go away from your dog. NOT TOO FAR!! Just 5 to 7 feet away to start with. Say come and hold the treat out. When he/she comes give the treat and say good girl/boy. Go a bit farther each time then stop using the treat and only say come.


Every dog needs a release signal. Some do yes, some do OK. I like OK. Tell your dog sit and in the most light and happy voice say OK. He/she should perk up to the sound of your voice. Try it with down.


Tell your dog sit and hold out your hand straight and in your dog's face. Say stay, hold your hand for five seconds and slowly back away still with your hand and body facing your dog. If he/she stays say OK. Keep practicing that. When your dog has mastered that, start turning around so your back faces your dog. Then start going around corners so you cannot see your dog. Make sure you congratulate your dog!
Congratulations if your dog has finished the basic training.

I hope this book was a help to you!!