Techno-Leader Tammy Worcester Tang

By Gina Chisum

AKA Tammy Tang

For this particular entry, I have chosen to share insights on Tammy Worcester Tang. I have had the opportunity to absorb some of Tammy's teaching at both ISTE and FETC. These opportunities made me walk away absolutely blown away. It's not so much the philosophies or ideals presented in her sessions. It's more that forethought of taking digital platforms and making something applicable and doable with it that is usable for classroom application. For example, it was at ISTE 2 years ago that I learned how to make sticky notes using Google apps that could be copied. What a time saver for anyone who wants to use that idea for conference notes, shout out, etc. As an administrator in a dynamic learning environment, while I wish I had time to think these things up, my attention is often on the systems of running the school plant. After I sat through her sessions, my mind immediately shifted to think about how I could use what was presented in any new learning opportunity and grow it for application. In my mind, that is the role of a techno-leader ~ one who will lead you to the water, give you a little taste of it, and continue to fill the vessel with fresh water so that the receiver is nourished and better for the taking. (I hope that this warped analogy makes sense to my cohort peeps. )
Click here to learn how to copy on 3 x 3 sticky notes

This is a Tammy Tang favorite! Think of how you could use this in your current role?

About Tammy

Tammy's mission stated on her website is, "Helping teachers make better classrooms, one mouse-click at a time.". What I love about this statement and her website is that she is modeling her mission statement. And while her website is directed at teachers, the methodologies and technologies presented are applicable at any level of leadership - even at the administrative level. As the instructional leaders, integrating such ideas is how administrators become agents of change. This website has doable tips that help me "lead the way" in re-culturing the learning environment to shift the mind-set.

Her resources are not just Google based. She takes the time in her suggested resources to take users through the creation process step by step. This is a huge win-win for any one who wishes to utilize her tools.

While researching Tammy, I was unable to locate a vocal stance on legislation or philosophies that could be controversial. It may be out there but I couldn't locate it. This tells me that Tammy focuses on what is in her circle of control. While there may be more vocal leaders who call out legislative injustices in education, her business is to empower teachers and her resources certainly do that.

My perspective on this techno-leader is that she is an advocate for the implementation of instructional technologies using realistic tools that any person can attempt. Using these tools can simply elevate the levels of instructional design in a classroom. That means that change is happening for students and teachers. For Tammy, that change fulfills her mission purposefully. I would agree that she is a techno-leader who looks for adjusting the application of best practices in the classroom - doable and reasonable.

Tang Squared

Did you know that Tammy Tang is married to Greg Tang? Greg Tang has written mathematical story books to integrate curricular content. I've included links below so that you can connect with his resources. This way you can have access to the power of "Tang squared".
Greg Tang on Twitter

Greg Tang's Twitter feed

Book an event!

Now that I am in a position to be an agent of change, I would like to schedule an event with Tammy Tang for my school. Maybe we can pull resources together and schedule to have her present to multiple schools at once. Any takers?