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What is CSA!

CSA is a pathway at Central Middle School that uses project-based learning as its foundation to learning. If you are interested in learning more check out the rest of this newsletter!

What is CSA?

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Columbus Signature Academy-Central uses Project-Based Learning to engage students in authentic and meaningful learning opportunities. One of the critical functions of CSA at Central is the use of interdisciplinary project planning. What this means is that nearly every project a CSA student completes will involve two different subjects. This structure of projects allows for deeper engagement within the content areas while also connecting learning to help students understand that content is not learned in isolation.

CSA also focuses on the development of "soft skills," meaning students do not just leave the program with a better understanding of the content standards but with a greater skillset in a number of areas. Some of these areas include the following:

  • Oral communication
  • An ability to give and receive feedback
  • Professionalism
  • Community Involvement
  • And so much more
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What makes CSA different from other academic programs?

CSA: What Makes CSA Unique?

How does CSA prepare students for high school and beyond?

CSA: High School Readiness

Parent Perspective

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CSA For Developing Language Learners

Project-based learning on the CSA teams provides many opportunities for English language enrichment and community and social connections for multilingual students. The EL teacher at Central Middle School works directly with CSA teachers and students, to provide support and incorporate language objectives into student learning. During projects, students improve speaking skills through collaboration with their peers while solving real-world problems and through public speaking during presentations. Additionally, projects incorporate academic language and vocabulary, which enhances the learning of content to prepare students for high school and beyond. On CSA, students explore and build community connections. Students are able to make connections and be part of the Columbus community in meaningful ways. The CSA team provides a supportive family culture within the classroom. The connections between students and teachers are strong and allow students of all cultures and backgrounds to grow and thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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