Project Playground

By: Katie Murdock

Define The Problem

A very special birthday is coming up and I am designing a playground for my younger sister as a present.

Criteria and Constraints

  • Must include 6 play elements
  • Must be ONE solid structure
  • Must be safe!


Develop Possible Solutions

Choose the best solution

Big image

Create a prototype

test and evaluate

  • What works and what does not? I had trouble creating it and could not figure out a way to connect the stepping stones but overall it does its job.
  • Is it safe? It is safe but it could use some tweaking.


  • How would you sell your design to a company? My play ground design incorporates the openness of freedom in the hearts of children and a simple design for easier construction. It is also entirely safe for children of all ages.
  • What are the positives and negatives of your design? The parts are diverse and open, but I'm worried about the safety of certain parts.


  • What changes would you make? I would try to make the connections more seamless.