Get Ready To Fight!

Preparing for WWII - Mobilization

By: Diana Dang

Honors 20th American History

It's time to prepare for War America!

President Roosevelt and congress announced on December 8th 1941 that America will enter World War II to defend our country. We will need mobilization in the following:

- Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Etc.) recruiting

- Factory workers

- Workforce

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Armed Forces

Citizens of America, since we are entering World War II, America needs help in recruiting for our armed forces.
  • Military
  • Navy
  • Marines
  • Etc.

Join any of these arm forces today, and help defend our country!

Factory Workers

We need more factory workers to produce military equipment for our arm forces. We need:
  • Battleships
  • Fighter planes
  • military firearms
  • etc.


We need anyone to work to help in the war effort. America needs your help! Anyone can work in the factories:
  • Women may work
  • African Americans
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • American citizens
  • Etc.
  • If you need a job, please join the war effort!
Women During World War II
Women at work WWII 1943
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