Air Polution in China

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Smog is the most familiar and obvious form of air pollution. It is a mixture of smoke and fog.
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Main Cause

The main cause of air pollution in Beijing, China is the burning of coal. Families in China use coal to heat up their homes, so there is a lot of burning of coal. They use coal because it's the cheapest. Also carbon dioxide coming from cars is the number 1 cause of the air pollution in china.

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One solution is to avoid driving cars, and walk or ride bikes to wherever your trying to get to. the other solution is to burn less coal when heating up homes, or find something that's not expensive.
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The challenges to these solutions is that many people use there cars to get to work, because the jobs in Beijing are farther from their homes, and it's too far to walk or ride a bike. Also since coal is the cheapest way to heat up the homes people aren't going to want to go get anything that costs more than coal. The population is Beijing is growing rapidly, and as the population goes up the more families that need cars and coal. The more cars on the rode, and more coal burning the more air pollution there is.


The air in Beijing impacts the children and their parents because it messes with their breathing, and it eventually causes major health issues. Also the pollution in Beijing has gotten to countries neighboring china, such as Japan and Korea.
China's super smog: Gov't official calls Beijing pollution "unbearable"

Smog in China video

China's main cause of the smog is the burning of coal to heat up homes, and the 5 million cars on the rode in china. Also people in china wear mask because they are worried about their breathing. China has never gone pass red witch is the highest air quality there is, but there really close in to reaching it. They have even tore down factories because it let's out too much pollution into the air.