Changing Careers


Considering a Change

Once you realize you want something new in your life career wise you have to start fresh. Below are some tips that will help you start your career changing process!

  • Do Some Research
  1. Talk to people doing the job or that have
  2. Go online and look at useful career websites
  3. Attend seminars or informational meetings

Developing a Plan

The next thing you will need to do is narrow down you choices that you've researched and plan what you want to do from there.

  • Set Goals
  • Make connections

Making The Change

Try to finally get out of your prior job and get into your new one and make the transition.

  • Volunteer for the job
  • Work for extra hours to get familiar and make connections

Beginning The New Journey

Build a resumé that shows your experience within the topic your applying for and such.

  • List things that make you look like a perfect employee
  • Don't lie on your resumé
  • Make yourself look good but remain honest