A Great Place to Visit

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Why is Bristol Important?

Through history, Bristol has been known as a stopping post in times of war, the target for uprising country music stars, home to the Bristol Motor Speedway, and hopefully, in the future, will be credited with many more advances and improvements. However, regardless of any changes that may occur over time, Bristol will always remain a great place for anyone to visit.
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Twin Cities

Although Bristol is often thought of as one collective city, it actually consists of two twin cities, one on the Virginia side and one of the Tennessee side. According to the United States Census Bureau, the current estimated population of Bristol, Virginia is around 17,800 people, and the estimated population of Bristol, Tennessee around 26,700 people.
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Ask Ms. Talley!

Ms. Talley is a teacher at Vance Middle School in Bristol, TN. She was born and raised in Bristol, VA, and she has spent much of her adult life in Bristol, TN. When interviewed, Ms. Talley explained that so many changes have occurred in the cities in just in her lifetime. She said that new things are constantly being built and renovated and that, based on her personal life experiences, she believes that things will continue to change in the future, especially the businesses.

Popular Schooling Options in Bristol

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History of Bristol

General Evan Shelby, the popular French and Indian War, as well as Revolutionary War, hero helped Bristol gain its first members by telling his fellow generals and soldiers that the area was a good place to buy land grants and that they should buy as many as they could. In addition, he also wrote to his family about his new discovery, and they eventually moved to the region as well. After Shelby had persuaded a fair amount of people to move to the area, he named the place Sapling Grove, only later to be renamed “Bristol” after the English city. This area was used in revolutionary times as a stopping place and trading post. Various leaders came and went, and official construction of the city began in 1853 under the orders of Joseph Anderson. However, this original Bristol area is not the same as what is considered Bristol today. The region Shelby founded combined with “Goodsonville,” headed by Samuel Goodson, joined to make what is now the current Bristol.