Cardinal Connection

September 2013

JCTA Contract Article 6-Academic Freedom (Grades & Grading)

Section C The plan book and grade book used in the district shall be mutually agreed upon between the parties of this Agreement. Individual employees and supervisors can agree to use an alternate plan book and/or grade book. Lesson plan books may be used as a collaborative tool between supervisor and teacher to enhance the quality and delivery of instruction. Teachers may refer to other documents and materials (such as curriculum guides, IEPs, 504 Plans or teacher guides) but are not required to copy them into the lesson plan books. The Employer and the Association mutually agree to use Infinite Campus or any subsequent state adopted electronic grade and attendance software system provided by the Employer.

The Employer shall make available adequate and appropriate ongoing professional development on the use of the electronic grade and attendance software system. Online access to the electronic grade and attendance system will be provided by the Employer. Employees shall be required to enter assignments with grades no more than once every three (3) weeks. Employees shall be required to enter attendance once daily prior to the start of instruction in elementary school locations, and by class period in middle and high school locations. In the event, the speed of onsite data transfer is not adequate for timely data entry, the employer will allow for alternative methods for collecting onsite classroom data.

Resources for inputting grades on IC

Julie and I forwarded e-mails regarding how to input grades on IC. I will send them out again via e-mail. This summer Mrs. Celani and Mrs. Milburn received training on how to input grades on IC for the report card. They will share how to do that during a future staff development.

Congratulations Carri Rogers!!!!!

Board Recognitions August 26, 2013

Fire Drill Feedback

The first fire drill of the school year went smoothly. We successfully got everyone out of the building and we were able to account for every child and adult at Chancey. Just a few reminders as we continue to improve upon our current emergency procedures:

1. All windows should be shut and all doors need to be closed. Please assign a responsible person to do that each time. In the event of a real fire, this prevents it from spreading as quickly.

2. There should be two lines of classes walking in the hallway and down the stairs. (a class on each side of the hallway and stairwell) With so many people to get out of the building quickly, we need to maximize the time and space to do so.

3. Please check dropbox early next week. I plan on adding revisions to our procedures and I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

We have a Severe Weather Drill scheduled for Wednesday, September 4th and a Fire Drill scheduled for the 19th.