Separation of Church and State

Examination of Lee v. Weisman


This court case involves a parent of a graduating student at a local high school in Rhode Island who sought a restraining order in an effort to bar school officials from inviting religious figures to deliver messages during school ceremonies. After being denied, the parent filed for a permanent injunction to the District Court, affirmed by the Court of Appeals and again by the Supreme Court.


How did the educator handle the case? That's a great question. The principal appealed both the District Court and Court of Appeals' decision to bar religious figures from delivering messages during school ceremonies.


After the principal appealed the court decision to bar the school systems from allowing religious figures to speak during school ceremonies on the District Court and Court of Appeals level, the case was reviewed by the Supreme Court. They would eventually uphold the decision of the District Court and Court of Appeals.


In an effort to still value religious diversity and balance it with the concept of separation of church and state, educators must always remain true to themselves and their personal beliefs while simultaneously respecting the beliefs of others. Of course this does not entail engaging in their beliefs (if they are different) but not condemning others of beliefs we are not accustomed to.


If I were the educator in this case, I would have appealed as well!!