Mrs. Whitley's classes

February 6, 2014

Class time today

I'm sorry I can't be there with you today, but I'm still not feeling well. This page will guide you through the assignment for today's class period. Please use your time wisely; you WILL receive a grade for your work today.

Principles of Arts, AV Tech, and Communications

(1st, 2nd, 5th, & 6th)

Thank you for your work yesterday to complete our Real vs. Fake analysis. If you did not get the chance to save it to my hard-drive, please take a minute and email it to me. It is important that I receive your completed work in order to input grades before progress reports go out next week.

As for today's assignment, I want you to choose one of the picture's below and answer the following questions:
1. Is it art?
2. Why or why not?
3. Is it good or bad?


When you're done...

be sure to save your document.
I will get the file from you tomorrow.

A/V Productions

You're in luck, you guys are off the hook for the announcements today.. but you aren't completely off the hook.

Below I've picked two of my favorite commercials from that big sporting event last weekend... I forget what it was, but apparently it was a big deal. ;) (Sorry if you're still broken-hearted Broncos fans)

Here's the assignment, watch the commercials. Once you've seen them both, pick one to focus on for today. I want you to count how many shots are in the commercial you choose and tell me each of the types of shots that are used. (6 basic shots and WALDO ring a bell?) For those of you who came into the class at semester, have someone who has been in the class all year tell you what they are and what they mean. It is important that you learn these terms and what they mean.

So, just to line it out again...
Word document,
count the shots,
tell me the different types of shots that were used in the commercial,
and then give me a brief analysis of the commercial. (i.e. did you like it? was it effective marketing? did it surprise you how many shots were in the commercial?)

When you have completed the assignment, save the document and I will get it from you Friday. This WILL count as a grade, so take it seriously.

Digital and Interactive Media


For those of you who have not finished (and printed) your trading cards... you MUST complete them before the end of the week. Your classmates trading cards that we laminated yesterday are on my desk if you need ideas or a reference point for what they should look like. Most of you that did not finish are Mac users. Save your finished Jpegs onto a flash drive and print from a friends PC like we have done in the past.

Those of you who DID complete the trading cards.. no one made a perfect grade. Today is your opportunity to improve. Some of you completely disregarded the size requirements I asked you to stick to, you made the backgrounds too dark, or the front and back are not lined up. Use today to make those changes to improve your grades. It's worth it I assure you.

Everyone must be working.