Kelley's Kids Konnections

2nd Grade Class

Important Information

  • September 28: Curriculum Night for 4 th & 5th Grades @ 6:00 PM
  • September 29: PTA Spirit Day (all day) @ 9ers
  • October 2: Early Dismissal Day @ 12:40 PM
  • October 5: Watch D.O.G.S. Kick-Off @ 6:00 PM
  • October 6: PTA Fundraiser Kick-Off
  • October 7: Coffee with the Principal @ 9:30 AM-RSVP here:
  • October 8: PTA Spirit Night at Tasti-D-Lite/Planet Smoothie (5-8 PM)
  • October 12: Student Holiday No School for students
  • October 16: 1st Grading Period Ends
  • October 16: Early Dismissal @ 12:40 PM

Learning Taking Place

Reading: Character Traits, Story Elements: Characters, Setting, Problem and Solution

Writing: Personal Narrative, setting goals for writing, revising, making writing move, and using repetition to show big ideas

Word Study: sounds "er", "th", "ch", "sh", "ck" . Please review these sounds with your child. A test will be given at a later date.

Convention and Grammar: Verbs (past, present, and future). Please review these skills with your child. A test will be given on a later date.

High Frequency Words for the first nine weeks are: again, together, they're, might, does, suddenly, themselves, happen, while, either, special, friend, through, goes, thought, ready, beautiful, enough, probably, near. The cards have been ordered and will go home when it arrives. Please review daily because students will be assessed over these words.

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I learned in writing about interrogative sentences. This a interrogative sentence: When are we going to have ice cream?


I learned in writing how to write interrogative sentences. I learned how to put punctuation in my writing.


I learned in writing how to write interrogative sentences.


I had a great day in writing time. We get to write about really cool stuff like places we have been and seen before.

Homework Information


Students were given a reading log and word study worksheet.

The word study worksheets are the sounds we are working on in class. Please assist students with this assignment and teach them to listen for the sounds to spell the words correctly and make words using those letter(s).

Students are to read for 20 minutes daily. Please write the date, write the title of book, and how many times the book(s) have been read in the tally mark section.

Please have students read the same book more than once. One of the best strategies for readers is to reread their books. Rereading builds fluency and understanding. Each time a student reads a book, they will get more meaning out of it. The first reading is to become familiar with the text. The second reading is focused on comprehension. The third reading is for the student to be able to retell. Please tally mark each time the book was read. Also, write down that the book was read at home in the home/school section.

A picture of the reading log is attached.

Homework is given every Friday and due the next Friday . Next Due Date October 2, 2015

Thank you for assisting your child with their homework.

Tuesday Folders


Please sign and return Tuesday Folders on the very next day, Wednesday. Thank you for assisting us with this.


Students are allowed to bring a snack and a water bottle to class only. Please do not add flavors or bring juice to drink during classroom hours. Students can have those items during lunch. Please send healthy snacks only such as: dry cereal, granola bars, gold fish,dry fruit, and ect. These snacks provide healthy long lasting energy and transfer to student's work.

Please make sure your child has his/her snack because we have snack time daily.

Library Time

We have library every Wednesday, and a library lesson every other Wednesday. Please make sure students bring their library book to school every Wednesday, so they are able to check out another book and keep up with their reading.

Our library lesson will be this Wednesday, September 29, 2015.


Parents please log onto Your child is blogging about their thoughts and their day. It would mean the world to them to know you are commenting on their post and someone besides me is reading what they are writing.

Students can also blog while they are at home about exciting events that are happening. Having a child write their thoughts down assist them in their writing because it teaches them how to express themselves by adding in details and using correct punctuation.

Please keep comments positive. :) Thank you for logging on and following us.

Having students write daily will create strong writers that will help them to express their thoughts and feelings.

To join parents have your child log on and invite you through their blog.

We do appreciate all the parent(s)/guardian(s) for all you do!!! :)