We the People Power Festival

Solstice Parade Saturday, June 16th, at Gasworks Park

Seattle's first civic engagement festival!

We the People Power Festival is an interactive arts carnival promoting a culture of civic engagement which will showcase the many worthwhile groups on our community working to make our world fairer and sustainable. Artists and activists are coming together to create games, interactive activities, displays, art installments, performance and more for the 10,000 people projected to attend on June 16.

We the People Power

Saturday, June 16th 2012 at 1-7pm

2101 North Northlake Way

Seattle, WA

People have the power to organize to create the change they seek in the world. Most of us care about the health of the environment, fair elections, equality and a democracy that represents the interests of people before profits. Area non-profits will host games and activities thematically related to their area of focus. Activities will include tax loophole hula hooping, bobbing for underwater houses, Global Casino Pachinko, making solar cookers, surprise performances and a day full of games of luck and skill.

Festival goers can have fun and enjoy the festival while meeting community activists representing an array of issues. People can learn more about their areas of passion and where they can go to plug in and start enjoying the rewards of working together to create positive change in the world.

Schedule of Events

Request for Supplies & Donations


Sharing resources
increases the effectiveness of all our efforts.
Please help us find the things below:

Donation or loan of canopies, folding tables and chairs
loan of a video camera on festival day of June 16-(with or without accompanying
videographer, but prefer the matching set!)
paint - bright, happy colors!
paint brushes
calendars, posters, cardstock, wrapping paper
Gallon-sized containers, i.e. milk jugs
bottle caps
duct tape
$ for printing and art supplies, etc.
weird and small-ish second hand items of all sorts
to use as prizes
Decorative doo-dads
Business sponsors for financial donations or
tax-deductible prizes, i.e. samples, overstock, bulk items, discontinued stock.
Useful, edible, fun, random and beautiful items accepted.
balls or object to use for ball and chain

Participating Organizations