Mexico Project

Rubric Guidelines


- include your first and last name (2 points)

- in the title section you should have a title that includes the word Mexico (2 points)


- picture of a map of Mexico can be any type of map as long as it is Mexico and you should be able to explain what the map is showing as well as the specific type of map- physical, political, resource, etc. (5 points)


- include at least 2 different pieces of Mexican culture with 3-5 sentences for each (sports, hobbies, language, rituals, traditions, beliefs, foods) (7 points)

- include a picture of each (6 points)

Agriculture & Industry

- accurate information on either Mexican agriculture or industries and have 3-5 sentences (7 points)

- include a picture to represent what you have chosen (2 points)


- accurate information about Mexico's climate with 3-5 sentences (Hint: login to the Holt website to the Intro to Geography book to look up the climate zone for Mexico) (7 points)

- include a picture accurately representing the climate (2 points)


- specific information on 2 of Mexico's landforms (volcanoes, rivers, mountains, etc.) information should be accurate and written in 3-5 sentences (7 points)

- at least one picture of a landform (3 points)