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Findley Elementary School

May 21, 2020

Message from the Principal

Findley Families,

It has been so nice to see so many you in person during this week’s pick-ups! Thank you so much for returning our school class and library books. At this time, there is no plan for collecting Chromebooks that have been checked out before school is out for summer. Please just take good care of them until we see you again.

As we wrap up the year, I know the big question on everyone’s mind is what will school look like when we return in the fall. BSD has already engaged district leadership and teaching staff in a “Think Tank” in order to brainstorm and consider options that will ensure the health and safety of both students and staff. Although there has been no decision made, and no one knows what the future holds, we are planning for three different scenarios; return to brick and mortar school with physical distancing measures, complete on-line/distance learning and a hybrid of these two. I am not aware of a timeline for when decisions will be made, but I will do my best to communicate information as efficiently as possible. I would encourage you to follow our BSD social media sites to stay as up to date as possible throughout the summer months.

As a reminder, our building will be open for item pick-up again next week. We have adjusted our times slightly, so please make note. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, May 26 2nd and 3rd Grade 10 AM-1 PM

Wednesday, May 27 K & 4th Grade 10 AM-1 PM

Thursday, May 28 1st & 5th Grade 10 AM-1 PM

We hope to see more of you, then.

Please be sure to view this week’s assembly as we included a special tribute to all our volunteers. We could not do work without and your support and help are greatly appreciated! THANK YOU SO MUCH! The link is below!!

Lastly, my thoughts are with those of you in our Findley community who have loved ones whose lives were impacted by the devastation of Cyclone Amphen. Please know we are here for you should you or your child(ren) need to reach out need support or someone to talk to during this time.

Three weeks to go, Dragons! We got this.

Sherry Marsh, Ed.D


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Appointments will be made for equipment swaps.

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Changing Schools next year?

If your student will not be attending Findley or Stoller next year. Please let us know about your change. If you will click on the link below and complete the simple form, we will make sure we know that you are changing schools.


Moving Notification

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Every Friday night April 10 through June 12, at 8:20 p.m. (20:20 military time), all BSD stadiums will light up for 20 minutes in honor of our seniors. Please do not congregate on or near stadiums and observe all social distancing rules. #bethelightOR

Friday Check In

For families concerned that their children are missing out on academic content, remember that at a time like this, less is more. I encourage you to broaden your definition of learning and focus on playtime, downtime, and family time.”

Dr. Denise Pope, Co-Founder at Challenge Success

In her article A Message to Families during Covid-19 From a Stanford Educator Dr. Pope stresses the importance of building strong family relationships and connections within your community. In terms of remote learning honor, as best, you can, what the school is asking you to do but if the workload feels like too much be sure to advocate for your child and your home situation.

Supporting the social emotional skills of resilience, collaboration, flexibility and positive coping in partnership with engagement in learning is one way to support your child(ren). Some things to consider as you work on establishing and maintaining routines:

  • Reading for pleasure

  • Personal interest projects

  • Social time

  • Family time

  • Chores

  • Service

  • Exercise

  • Good sleep

  • Sensible screen time

In establishing these routines your child will be gaining the life skills necessary to thrive both in and out of the classroom. Take care of each other, practice gratitude, and remember we are in this together. If you need support in helping your child please reach out to us at Findley. We are here to help.

Emily Gotfried



Susan Hargrave

Student Success Coach


Weekly Assemblies

Assembly May 14
Findley Assembly May 21

Look What We Can Do!

Nadkarni, Eshan , Primary 1, Two Cool Pals, Kevin Costley
My Movie

Looking to help your community during this time?

If you find that you or your children are interested in helping others in our community, here are just a few ways you can get started.

Call the Oregon Food Bank, they are taking donations of food and money to help provide food to the overwhelming number of new families that are in need during this time.

Contact our community involvement coordinator offering to volunteer to deliver food boxes.

Christina Mackin,

Community Resource Coordinator

Communications & Community Involvement Department

Beaverton School District



Findley PTO

Findley PTO: Supporting our students by connecting parents, staff, and the community!

Visit our website at www.findleypto.com or email president@findleypto.com.


Findley Families,

I hope this message finds everyone safe and healthy! Yearbooks are on the way! Yay! We will have your pre-ordered yearbook available for pickup in sync with the school's item pickup schedule.

If you didn't pre-order a yearbook, there are extras available on a first come first serve basis for $16. Please bring exact change or a check.

Here is the schedule:


Kinder - Wednesday May 27 - South Doors-next to the Little Library

1st - Thursday May 28 - South Doors-next to the Little Library

2nd - Tuesday May 26 - Playground entrance down the Fire Lane

3rd - Tuesday May 26 - South Doors-next to the Little Library

4th - Wednesday May 27 - Playground entrance down the Fire Lane

5th - Thursday May 28 - Playground entrance down the Fire Lane

Please adhere to the following based on your student’s LAST NAME for the purpose of social distancing:

A-I 10:00-11:00

J-R 11:00-12:00

S-Z 12:00-1:00

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Upcoming Activities

Up Coming Events


TBD - supply pickup

Online Learning

25th Memorial Day

28th - Office Open 11-3


4th - Office Open 11-3

11th - 5th Grade clap out 1:45 - Clay
2:00 - Lockhart

2:15 - Mesler

2:30 - Ray

2:45 - Skiba

11th - Office Open 11-3

24th - Office Open 9-12. SUMMER HOURS BEGIN Wednesday's