Dental Practice Management Software

Dental Software Reviews

1. MacPractice DDS

MacPractice DDS, as the name suggests, is designed for Mac operating systems. This dental management system is not web-based. It enables you to keep dental records electronically, to do billing, scheduling, digital imaging and overall management of the practice. St Lucie Center of Cosmetic Dentistry us this particular system. R. Anthony Matheny owns an accomplished practice in Port St Lucie Florida.

The software comes with a radiography module that allows you to store and manage the patients’ x-rays and photos. This module is compatible with a number of different dental cameras and sensors. With this software, you can measure and edit and adjust the x-rays and photographs and also attach them to the patients’ files for reference in the future.

2. Curve Dental Software

Curve Dental is web-based software that is intended for small or mid-sized private practices. This software lets you manage the business inside and out; the charts, clinical notes, planning of treatments, education of patients, billing, schedules, reports, etc.

The software can be accessed from the internet. Thus, you can easily access the information you need from anywhere and at any time so long as you have an internet connection. Curve Dental provides top notch security and backup for this information, so you don’t have to worry about losing it or having it fall into the wrong hands. If you have a small or medium-sized dental practice, Curve Dental should be affordable and reliable.

3. Total Dental Software

Total Dental Software is also based on the internet. It is a good way to ensure a comprehensive and reliable Electronic Health System. This software is fully certified and goes a long way towards improving a dental practice in terms of data entry and management.

Total Dental Software comes with an application that charts teeth and gives dentists a method of keeping track of a patient’s dental health and cataloguing past, present and possibly future work for that particular patient. The software provides treatment codes that help in the reduction of errors when charting. This system also makes it easier to print and share information for comparative or analytical purposes.

4. YAPI Paperless Dental

YAPI (like the previous software on this list) is web-based. This software has been designed to improve the productivity of a practice and the care of patients. This system can be used by either the dental staff or the patients.

YAPI gives you the opportunity to significantly reduce the use of paper in your practice. It does so by providing scheduling, form-filling, imaging and other capabilities. It also enables communication within the office using the concurrent data.

5. Dovetail

Dovetail provides full practice management for all types and sizes of dental practices. It is a mobile 2014 EDR/EHR internet-based application and is certified by the ONC. It is also HIPAA compliant.

Using Dovetail is one way to keep those bulky and countless papers away from your office. This software does everything; scheduling, keeps notes, billing, treatment plans etc. All this can be handled with one single device, unlike the tons of folders and files you would otherwise have filled with millions of papers and documents. Dovetail is a brilliant solution to eliminating the kind of data entry you would otherwise need papers for. There is less of a chance for errors and data will not be lost.