217 in the class

1st Quarter

an utterly awesome accomplishment

I feel that my best accomplishment in 217 so far was fear fest. I got nervous that I people wouldn't like it. My performance was Myth Brothers with Felix. In the some of the shooting my fake mustache was on crooked.

Great challenge

I'm nervous I don't know what to do. I have to come up with something soon. Can you guess what I'm talking about?Okay back t the action. Wait I don't have to I just got picked for Urban Myth Busters with Felix. Now we have to right the script.And a THEME SONG:) :) :) :)!!!! I just heard we're working with Teacher's lounge. Okay so here's the problem, Felix and I wrote our script and the theme song we just had to go over it with Mr.Crame, but with the feuds between us and Teacher's lounge over access to documents neither one of us could get much done. Now yet another surprise Teacher's lounge abandoned the document so now instead of The Urban Myth Busters getting called to investigate we just find out about it on our own. So now that we are not a company the lyrics to our song have to change because we're called Myth Brothers instead. At first glance all we have to do is change (UMB) to (myth brothers) but (UMB) is repeated around 15 times in our song. Did I mention it's a parody of Ghostbusters? Well, with Mr.Crame it's surprise after surprise after surprise. So we go into filming but we have major cuts 1.We don't use the theme song at all 2.most of our lines aren't said 3. This isn't really a cut more of a change we have about 10 short interviews instead of 5 longish ones no wonder ours was this years longest and probably a school record breaking 7 minutes. All and all it turned out great.


1. Write faster so I can keep up with Mr. Barbers notes

2. Get into a habit of writing my homework down so a remember what I have to do

3. Get better at focusing so I don't goof off