Kindergarten Newsletter

Ooey Gooey Unit

Hello, Kindergarten Parents!

As our second week here at The New School Summer Program wraps up, we just wanted to give you all an overview of what we've done with our "Ooey Gooey" theme and what to look forward to next. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your wonderful children, and their imaginations, creativity, and insights are inspiring! These past two weeks, we have focused on fun and interactive science activities and lessons around the theme of "Ooey Gooey." What might that entail, you ask? Well, just to name a few, we learned about the layers of the Earth and made our own using Play Doh, introduced students to a fun friend named Paul Lemur to learn more about natural and man-made polymers (see link to website below!), made our own "Once Upon a Slime" stories, and learned about catalysts and reactions by making things like "Elephant Toothpaste," bouncy balls, and goo. As we move into the next unit, "Oceans," we look forward to exposing students to the wonders of the coral reef, aquatic animals, pirates, and treasure maps! We hope your children will have as much fun actually doing the activities as we've had planning them. On behalf of ourselves and our assistants Mrs. Kayla, Ms. Ashley, and Ms. Dana, we thank you for all your support, feedback, and encouragement and wish you a very happy weekend :)


Ms. Anne-Elise and Mr. Shane
Elephant Toothpaste- New School 6/2015



All students should be bringing home an activity from class at least two to three times a week. Some activities don't produce any tangible products, as they are more observation-based, while others are kept in the classroom to finish another day or to hang as decoration.

Every Friday is Sprinkler Party "field trip" for Kindergarten. Please remember to send bathing suits, sunscreen, and towels with your students on these days. A voluntary sign-up to bring popsicles for these days is located at the bottom of this page.