A Note from Principal Curran

Updates from Thorpe Creek Elementary August 2022

Healthy Bedtime Habits

Dear Thorpe Creek Families,

Soon we will have completed 3.5 weeks of school. Our school day starts bright and early! Our children (and adults) are building our stamina for the academic and social demands of a full day (and week) of school. This leads me to ask, how's your child's bedtime routine going? Bedtime can be a challenging time of the day when we are all short on energy and have too many tasks left uncompleted. And yet, designing and committing to a healthy bedtime routine (especially on school nights) can be one of the best investments in your child's well-being and potential for academic success at school. It's important to note that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends 10-12 hours of sleep each night for elementary-aged children.

When designing your child's bedtime routine, consider including:

*time for the child to wind down (like a bath or shower)

*devices are turned off and put away (outside of the bedroom)

*child brushes teeth and uses the restroom

*adult reads aloud 1-2 picture books or chapters to the child while the child is in bed

*allow the child to read independently (or look at books for emerging readers) for 15 minutes-ish afterwards. Remember, books, not devices. Devices are stimulating and the goal is for the child to relax in preparation for sleep.

Your child will love your undivided attention at the end of each busy day!

Let us know how it's going! Sweet dreams, Cardinals!

Mrs. Curran

Calling All Visitors and Volunteers!

Visitors and volunteers at Thorpe Creek Elementary may begin after Labor Day. We're excited to have you join us!

Where can you volunteer during a school day?

  • Teachers will reach out to their classroom families directly regarding potential volunteer opportunities. Our days are very full so these opportunities are specific and intentional with a start and stop time.
  • Library volunteers are led and trained by Mrs. Leslie Hopper, our teacher-librarian. We have carts of books to be checked-in and shelved for our school of readers! To sign up to help in our library, please complete this form: https://forms.office.com/r/scC4jMp5at
  • Chaperones on study trips are also required to have a current approved background check on file.

*At this time, lunch guests are not permitted at the elementary schools per the HSE In-Person Instruction Plan. This may be revisited later in the fall.*

Are you ready? Please be sure that you have a current approved background check on file. If you are unsure if your background check is still current, please phone our school office between the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and we'll check for you! 317-594-4310

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Your child's fall NWEA report will arrive via ParentSquare in early September. Please take a moment to hear from our school counselor, Mrs. Fiesbeck, to learn more about how to read and interpret this report.
Reading and Interpreting the NWEA Student Report

Click here to hear from Mrs. Fiesbeck, our school counselor!

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