The Bond Brief

March 7, 2014

A Beautiful Day!

Boy! For only being in the mid-40's today, you would have thought it was in the 60's. I even had the urge to skip through the parking lot, as it felt great to go outside without a coat and not freeze! Hopefully the weather will begin to increase and spring will find us and stay! Today we updated our Sunrise/Sunset chart, which helps practice elapsed time. (See chart to the right.) The students noticed we are gaining sunlight each day. Of course, Sunday it will all shift with Daylight Savings. Remember to set the clocks ahead!

Also, be sure to check out the note about Splash Into Reading and the Piston's, which is at the end of this newsletter.

Business Video and Social Studies BA Next Week!

Next Wednesday I will be administering the Social Studies BA. It will be a performance assessment (project based) that will assess their knowledge of the economy. Students will have to create their own business plan. The study guide that was brought home today does not have to be memorized. Your child will have to understand these concepts and apply them to their own business. In addition, students will have to create a simple commercial to market a company. If your child does not want to create their own company...and pizza business is a great one to go ahead with. Check out the pizza commercials that were created a few years ago:

Check out our learning target chart above!

Highlights of Our Week

Math: We went over our Math Make-Up BA this morning, and the students created self-reflections. On Monday, you will be able to see all of the scores from the Units 3/6 Assessments, as well as the self-reflection. We are half-way through our multiplication units, and we will be venturing into Unit 9 next week. As I have stated before, the students will be asked to multiply multi-digit factors and fact mastery will help your child struggle less with more complex processes. There are a couple kids that are pretty close to becoming fact masters. So far we have about 5 kids that are secure.

Science: We kicked off our Earth Materials unit this week with the study of Mock Rocks. We were able to pick apart the minerals in the rock including read and green gravel, shells, flour, and sand. Today we set up evaporation dishes to figure out what other materials may have been included in the Mock Rock ingredients.

Non-Fiction Reading: We have continued our study of non-fiction. We focused on non-fiction text features again this week and applied them to our Meet Michigan textbook. We have used a process called Text Mapping which allows students to focus on the key points of chapters. We did it as a class and students have practiced it in groups. Next week they will do it in partnerships. We are using our Meet Michigan book and focusing on the history of Michigan, which is our next unit in Social Studies. Next week will be note taking more and writing fact paragraphs.

Writing: We are going to try and finish our Nonfiction ABC book by next Friday. Many students have started to illustrate their book, so we should be able to meet our goal! If students need more time, I may have some bring it home to work on.

Social Studies: As stated above, the BA will be on Wednesday, as well as the commercial being due. Have fun with it, and keep it manageable for you. The main goals are to define the business and market the incentives offered.

March is Reading Month: Hopefully Your Logs Are Getting Filled Out!

Goal Time

Many of the children come with a set plan for Goal Time, but some need a bit more guidance week after week. Please talk with your child about their plan. Some kids are going on Pinterest to find neat projects to work on. Again, they can work on projects over the span of several weeks. I have a group of boys that are working on fixing a printer I had at my house. If anything, they will have fun taking it apart. A take-apart station is something I have done in the past, and it is always a crowd favorite. Kids are amazed to see what lives inside of common items like remote controls, video cameras, VCR's , etc. If you have any old electronics that would be safe for kids to explore with and take apart, I would love to set up the station again.

Splash Into Reading

In addition to earning treats at Glengary for March is Reading month, Team Bond will also have the opportunity to earn a free day pass to Splash Universe in Dundee for reading 500 pages. What I am suggesting to the kids is to write the pages read near the 20 min. mark on the March is Reading Month log. If this won't work out for you, you can also record the pages read on our regular book log or even on a separate paper. Also, the 500 page goal can be achieved even past March. Since the day pass is a $32, I think this is a wonderful deal! I am even going to have my kids do it!

Speaking of good deals, I am going to the Piston's game on Tuesday. I hope to see some of you there. I was able to get great lower bowl tickets for $19 each.