Physical Therapist

Maddy Jeppeson - 2nd Hour Science

Short Description

Physical Therapists design treatment programs to help people who have physical disabilitys. Salary of $77,840 (Bachelors degree required)

Career Overview

Physical therapist recover injurys and disability so that occur to people, when the injury is cause the treatment is given and the physical therapist attempts to recover your injury so your body goes back to normal with out injuring yourself again

Classes Needed To Succeed

The college courses that are required to take are Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Profession and more classes are optional but could be helpful.

Education Cost at Concordia

In-State Tution $35,464

On Campus Room and Board $7,600

Books $920

Total $43,984

Grand Cost for Required Degree (Including Self Cost) $175,936

Average Self Cost

Housing Cost For Requried Degree $30,400

Food/Grocieries For Required Degree $10,560

Gas Money For Required Degree $1,137

Clothing For Required Degree $1,989

Grand Total For Required Degree (Including Education Cost)

Loans, Financial Aid, Scholorships, Part Time Job

I believe getting these things and applying for them would be highly incouraged for help with cost of college.

Being A Future Physical Therapist

Money is not everything. The ultimate goal for everyone is to have a job that they are happy to go to every day. At the same time, people want to live a comfortable lifestyle where they are not stressed too much with money (no one wants to be in a situation where they don't know how they will pay for groceries and housing for the month). Considering first your happiness, then cost of your education, and then how much the job pays per year (you pay off the loan over time), so if working a job like this means making all of that possible I would be a physical therapist.

Organizations Physical and Occupational Therapists (Military)

Physical Therapists Association

Pros and Cons of Being A Physcial Therapist


Great money

People/social depending on the client

Constantly working with different situations

Working Conditions Indoors


Long hours

People/social depending on the patient


Were you always that high-school athlete stud or total beaut always getting injured? If you were you know how well you got along with your physical therapist so you could get back to normal as soon as you could to get back to passing the ball! It's your time to do that for the next generation of athletes, with a salary of $77,840 a year and a 4 year college experience you could be helping the athletes do what you wish you could still be doing!

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